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Dr Christopher J. Watterson is a political scientist specialising broadly in matters of international security with an applied focus on nuclear non-proliferation. He has been published in a number of major outlets and academic journals including Armed Forces & Society, the Nonproliferation Review, the Diplomat, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists.

At Project Alpha Dr Watterson has focused on developing policy responses to emerging challenges in nuclear non-proliferation, in particular the universalisation of proliferation-sensitive technology and the increasingly sophisticated tradecraft employed by states to evade sanctions on nuclear proliferation. Current projects include investigating the role of ‘flags of convenience’ in facilitating sanctioned maritime trade and improving the uptake of export controls in universities.

Dr Watterson is the Project Alpha ‘theme lead’ on sanctions theory and practice and has a deep interest in promoting the role of academic research in crafting evidence-based policies that limit the spread of nuclear weapons.

Research Interests

  • International security
  • Nuclear strategy
  • Nuclear non-proliferation
  • Sanctions implementation.