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Dr Pablo de Orellana

Dr Pablo de Orellana

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Lecturer in International Relations, Department of War Studies, War Studies Online Deputy Chair

Research subject areas

  • Arts
  • Conflict
  • Culture
  • International relations
  • Media
  • Security

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Dr Pablo de Orellana is an inter-disciplinary scholar-working on diplomacy, nationalism and the relationship between art and conflict. He graduated in French and Italian at Oxford before a Master’s in International Relations at Cambridge, leading to a PhD at King’s College London, completed in December 2015.

His research on how diplomatic communication constitutes the representations upon which policy is made threads together his passion for political philosophy, literary analysis, history and aesthetics. In this research, theoretical approaches are put to work analysing archival research determining how policy comes to identify the political identity of peoples and their contexts.

These research interests are combined with and often parallel to interests in literature, drama, aesthetic theory, poetry, archaeology, and especially art history. De Orellana has published on diplomacy, North African politics, European affairs, xenophobia and identity politics, Renaissance philosophy, Critical Theory and Art History art in peer-reviewed as well as less formal publications.


  • Diplomacy: diplomatic knowledge production and analysis.
  • Nationalism: the history of nationalist ideas, contemporary discourses, networks and movements.
  • The Art-IR nexus: art, culture, conflict, methods working with art for analytical purposes.
  • Issues of identity: identity politics, identity-making, identity-based practices.
  • International relations theory: critical approaches, interpretive methodologies and analysis.


Undergraduate: BA in International Relations, IR & History, War Studies and History. 2020-2021 modules: A History of Nations, Nationalism, and Theories of the State, dissertation supervision

Postgraduate: MA International Relations and Contemporary War. 2019-2020 modules: International Relations and Contemporary War 1, dissertation supervision

Subject areas:

  • International Relations
  • Conflict and security
  • History
  • Philosophy
  • Politics