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Professor Helen Cox PhD, FBPhS

Professor Helen Cox PhD, FBPhS

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Professor of Pharmacology

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  • Pharmacology

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Our research focusses on the hormones and transmitters released within the intestine that alter gut function and body metabolism. We are currently investigating how microbial metabolites activate enteric nerves, and endocrine L-cells to release GLP-1 and PYY, which influence blood glucose levels and cause satiety. When abnormalities occur in these gut pathways this can lead to weight gain and metabolic disorders, such as obesity and Type-2 diabetes.

Please see my  Research Staff Profile for more detail.

Key Publications:

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Key Collaborators:

  • Professors Thue Schwartz & Birgitte Holst, University of Copenhagen
  • Professor Roger Cone, University of Michigan
  • Professors Annette Beck-Sickinger & Jens Meiler, University of Leipzig
  • Professors Heidi Hamm & Dave Weaver, Vanderbilt University