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Jonathan  Rankin

Jonathan Rankin

Visiting Research Fellow


Jonathan Rankin is a Software Engineer who specialises in data. Having completed his Masters in Computer Science at the University of Bristol in 2015, he joined the Guardian on a graduate scheme, where he has worked ever since. 

As well as writing code, Jonathan is a skilled data analyst, who loves finding the story in data sets and creating visualisations to make data accessible. 

He was a founding member of the Contributions team at the Guardian, which is the team responsible for getting as many readers as possible to support the Guardian with a financial contribution. Although an engineer by title, he performed a multi-role job on the team, being heavily involved in setting strategy, making product decisions and the data science that drove the teams AB testing methodology. He has recently started a dual Engineering/Product Management role on the new Data Delivery team, which has been spun up with the aim of remodelling the Guardian's data in order to maximise it's value to the business.