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Andre Strydom is a specialist in the Psychiatry of Intellectual disabilities. Dr. Strydom's research has a specific focus on conditions associated with ageing in intellectual disability (ID) populations, such as Alzheimer's disease in individuals with Down Syndrome (DS). He is an expert in ageing-related issues and the cognitive phenotype(s) associated with trisomy 21. 

Current projects and collaborations include the LonDownS consortium previously funded by the Wellcome Trust and currently funded by the MRC to study the development of Alzheimer's Disease in Down syndrome; other funders include the Baily Thomas Fund and the LeJeune Foundation. This work concerns detailed cognitive phenotyping of individuals with Down across the lifespan, and tracking change with ageing using MR, EEG and fNIRS neuroimaging, as well as collecting DNA, blood and cellular samples. His research includes identification of plasma biomarkers of cognitive decline including markers related to inflammation, amyloid processing, and oxidative stress. He is a founding member of the Horizon21 European clinical trial network for Alzheimer’s disease in Down syndrome.    

Dr Strydom is also involved in developing and testing the efficacy of medication and complex interventions for the treatment of mental disorders in adults with intellectual disabilities and he leads the Neurodevelopmental disorders clinical trials centre (ND-CTC) in the FANS department which conducts phase II/III clinical trials for treatments of Autism, Down syndrome and other conditions.   

He has been an investigator on industry sponsored trials of new drug treatment options in Down syndrome and fragile X syndrome. 

Research Interests

  • Down syndrome  
  • Alzheimer’s disease  
  • Intellectual disabilities 
  • Autism  

Research Groups

  • LonDowns Consortium 
  • AIMS-2-Trials  
  • Horizon21 Consortium 

Expertise and Public Engagement

Chair of the Intellectual Disabilities Dementia Interest group  -  

President (in waiting) of the Trisomy 21 Research Society - 

Executive Committee member, Society for the Study of Behavioural Phenotypes 


  • Mental Health in Intellectual Disabilities  
  • Health issues associated with Down syndrome  
  • Neurodevelopmental disorders