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Ricarda holds a PhD in Cultural Studies (London Consortium/ Birkbeck). She is the author of Death and Desire in Car Crash Culture: A Century of Romantic Futurisms (Peter Lang, 2013) and co-editor of The Power of Death (Berghahn, 2014) and Alternative Worlds (Peter Lang, 2014). She has published on speed, the car and driving as cultural phenomena, Modernism (in particular Futurism), urban space and art in relation to gentrification, as well as society’s fascination with death and murder, and most recently, alternative worlds and utopias. Currently she is pursuing a practice-based research project into the wondrous world of translation within the fine arts and poetry. This links her academic career with her freelance activities as translator and curator. Besides public workshops and exhibitions, the project includes the publication of journal articles and a book, Translating across Sensory and Linguistic Borders: Intersemiotic Journeys between Media (Palgrave 2019). Further information is available on her website

Research Interests and PhD Supervision

  • Translation as creative practice
  • Cultural Constructions of ‘home’
  • Modernism and its legacy
  • Cars, car design and driving as cultural phenomena

Currently my research focuses on translation as creative practice and as research tool. I am co-leading the practice-based research project “Talking Transformations” ( which employs public workshops, chain translation, intersemiotic translation and poetry to investigate the impact of (im)migration on notions of home in the EU.

For more details, please see her full research profile.


Ricarda’s teaching is based on her research and publications in visual culture and cultural history. She teaches the optional module Future Memory and contributes to the core modules on the MA CCI and MA ACM.

Expertise and public engagement

Ricarda has organised several public workshops, commissioned artworks and curated a number of exhibitions in the course of her practice-based research projects “Translation Games” and “Talking Transformations”. She is regularly collaborating with poets, artists, textile designers, translators, writers and members of the public with an interest in the creative use of language and an expanded notion of what translation can mean. Recent venues for public events have included the National Poetry Library (Southbank Centre), the British Library, Whitstable Biennale, Ledbury Poetry Festival and the Guildhall.

Further, Ricarda has presented her research at public events at Tate, the ICA and artist-run galleries and spaces in the UK and abroad.

She is also always happy to talk about her research into violent death, driving, cars and car crashes as cultural phenomena.