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My group’s research focuses on studying various angles of the interplay between RNA viruses and host cells, in particular, dissecting mechanisms of innate immune responses to viral infection. To address these questions, we have primarily set up a reverse genetics system to study the molecular bases of Ebola virus replication, pathogenesis and immunity. This research led to the identification of interferon-stimulated genes antiviral against Ebola virus replication, and which mechanisms of action we are interested in characterise. Furthermore, we are also establishing a research program to drive forward our understanding of host-virus interactions and the molecular pathogenesis of Flaviviruses such as Zika, Dengue or West-Nile viruses. I am focusing particularly on uncovering mechanisms by which these viruses are sensitive to, and evade from, interferon-mediated responses to infection.

Course teacher: Biomedical Science
Course teacher: Infectious Disease & Immunobiology Intercalated BSc
Course teacher: Biomedical & Molecular Sciences Research MSc / MRes