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Dr Shaihan Malik's research focuses on the physics of MRI, particularly in imaging using ultrahigh field (7T) MRI systems. Shaihan leads a program of methods development for the recently installed 7T London Collaborative Ultrahigh field System (LoCUS). Although 7T systems can achieve much higher spatial resolutions than their lower-field clinical counterparts, the high frequency RF fields required can result in non-uniform image contrast and signal, which limits clinical utility. Parallel transmission RF technology can be used to improve the achievable image quality, but is currently largely limited to experimental use; largely this is due to safety concerns and problems with work-flow. Shaihan's research is focused on solving these problems to take this technology into routine use. He has received funding from the EPSRC as an Early Career Fellow to work in this area. A related research theme is that of safe interventional MRI, and he has received funding from the MRC DPFS scheme to build new prototype technology in this area.

Another area of research activity is in the development of quantitative MR techniques. This includes development of new mathematical modelling methods, and measurement methods that account for complex tissue microstructure.

For further information see Shaihan's profile on Research Gate and for open source code (mainly Matlab) see