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Stuart Bevan

Professor Stuart Bevan

Professor of Pharmacology

Research interests

  • Pharmacology

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My lab investigates the mechanisms underlying the transduction and transmission of sensory signals in peripheral sensory neurons and the contributions of these neurons to painful disorders. The scope of our work spans from behavioural investigations to molecular studies. We study the roles of receptors and ion channels, such as transient receptor potential (TRP) channels, in determining sensory responses to chemical, thermal and mechanical stimuli in normal conditions and in diseases that have painful symptoms. In addition, we collaborate with clinicians to investigate the underlying basis for pain in various diseases such as osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. Our research is aimed at understanding the mechanisms of pain and sensory dysfunction to facilitate the discovery of new therapies that will relieve these distressing and disabling symptoms.

Please see my Research Staff Profile for more detail

Key publications:

Key collaborators:

  • Dr David Andersson, King's College London
  • Dr Andreas Goebel, University of Liverpool