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Clinical research network on artificial intelligence in nursing (AI-NURSES)

The AI-NURSES project will set up and run a clinical research network on artificial intelligence (AI) in nursing. Adopting a community-building approach the network will support and enhance engagement between the nursing and AI communities in the UK by hosting community events, funding pilot projects, and creating resources to support the use of AI across the breadth of the nursing profession. 

Alongside our Investigators, we have a public co-applicant.

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The AI-NURSES project aims to:

1) Build and connect a community of nurses in the United Kingdom who are interested in or actively researching artificial intelligence (AI) in nursing to improve patient care,

2) Provide resources and support to nurses to increase their knowledge and skills in artificial intelligence to enable them to conduct AI research,

3) Strengthen professional networks and collaborations between nurses, computer/data scientists, and industry to produce nurse-led research on artificial intelligence that delivers high quality care.

Project status: Starting

Principal Investigator



Amount: £96,682

Period: November 2024 - October 2025