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Coronavirus Literature Review Task Force


Our researchers are searching for COVID19 and SARS-Cov2 literature and producing short reports on possible treatments. 

The team is made up of researchers from across King’s and the world. If you would like to get involved, please email

For a copy of our latest reports, see the output tab below.




We are searching and scouring the published literature, the pre-print servers (MedRxiv, BioRxiv, ChemRxiv) for information about SARS-Cov-2 and COVID19 and what could be treatments for COVID-19. We are reading articles and identifying any drug targets, any re-purposed drugs, and other therapies i.e. cell therapies. We have focused teams, for example, we have a team focusing on cardiovascular disease, another on pregnancy and maternal care, another on immunology and another on ageing. 


  • Georgina Ellison-Hughes, King's College London (Lead)
  • Mark Ross, Edinburgh Napier University
  • Liam Colley, Bangor University
  • Thomas Agbaedeng, The University of Adelaide
  • Katie O’Brien, University of Cambridge 
  • Kirsty Roberts, Liverpool John Moores University
  • Mandy Nio, King's College London 
  • Anna Bajur, King's College London 
  • Vasco Claro, King's College London 
  • Abdulrahman Adam, King's College London 
  • Ana Ahmadi Birjandi, King's College London 
  • Marie-Jose Bijlmakers, University of Cambridge
  • Thomas Eichholtz, Evolve HealthCare Partners
  • Udita Iyengar, King's College London 
  • Valeria Scagliotti, King's College London
  • Helen Lockett, Wise Group 
  • Andrew Atkinson, King's College London
  • Joe Festa, De Montfort University Leicester