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SCOP offers a comprehensive range of 10x single-cell assays using the Chromium iX instrument. Our services also include the Chromium GEM-X Single Cell 3' v4 and Chromium GEM-X Single Cell 5' v3 protocols, available as of 2024.

Feel free to reach out to inquire about services, prices and access. 


  • Single Cell Gene Expression - 3' gene expression profiling at scale with single cell resolution.

  • Single Cell Immune Profiling - 5' gene expression alongside V(D)J repertoire profiling and antigen specificity of T and B cells.

  • Single Cell Gene Expression Flex - Fixed RNA Profiling assay for comprehensive probe-based gene expression profiling with single cell resolution.

  • Single Cell Multiome ATAC + Gene Expression - Combined profiling of 3' gene expression and chromatin accessibility from the same cell.

  • Single Cell ATAC - Chromatin accessibility profiling at the single cell level.

Additional Applications

  • Cell Surface Protein - Measure single cell gene and cell surface protein expression simultaneously.
  • CRISPR - Assess effects of CRISPR perturbations alongside single cell gene expression.
  • Cell Multiplexing - Multiplex up to 12 samples per channel for increased sample throughput.
  • Low Throughput (LT) - Partition 100–1,000 cells per channel efficiently, for up to 8,000 cells per run.

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