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Hub for Education and Language Diversity

Ground-level analysis and action, enhancing language repertoires.

The Hub for Education and Language Diversity (HELD) is a collaboration between academic, professional and third sector organisations.

It is guided by a commitment to three fundamental ideas:

  1. Shared language is vital to social life, but linguistic diversity is also central. Both can be enhanced by education, enriching both the individual and society.
  2. Local conditions and participant perspectives really matter.
  3. Theories and research can be powerful tools, helping people to think differently.

Areas of interest

We pursue these ideas through the following areas.

In-service teacher education

Curriculum and assessment materials development

Public campaigns

Projects with arts organisations and the cultural sector

Masters and doctoral training


  • Diasporic Adult Language Socialisation (Leverhulme)
  • Politicisation of identities in diaspora (CFPR)

Academic and professional publications

International collaborations


Project status: Ongoing

Contact us

For more information on HELD, please contact Dr Mel Cooke by email.