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My Emotions and Me Over Time

This is an information page for families and schools interested in our study My Emotions and Me Over Time (MEMO).

This study is looks at how daily upsetting events contribute to the development of depression in neurodiverse young people over time. It forms part of our wider programme Regulating Emotions – Strengthening Adolescent Resilience (RE-STAR), which aims to reduce the risk of adolescent depression.

In MEMO, we are interested in the interplay between individual characteristics and upsetting experiences in young people with traits of ADHD and/or autism. We will be working with young people aged 12-16 years, their parents/carers to collect questionnaires at multiple times over one year to explore how upsetting experiences may lead to developing depression over time. Information from schools will also be collected.

We hope that MEMO will generate new information about what contributes to depression during adolescence, and that this can be used to identify targets for intervention to reduce depression risk in neurodivergent young people.

We are working with our Youth Researcher Panel to deliver the four stages detailed below:

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Meet the Team!

My Emotions and Me Over Time team

Our researchers:

Dr Melanie Palmer, KCL
Ms Anna Wyatt, KCL

Our My Emotions and Me Over Time project leads:

Professor Emily Simonoff, KCL
Professor Andrea Danese, KCL
Professor Edmund Sonuga-Barke, KCL

The principal investigator for RE-STAR project is Professor Edmund Sonuga-Barke and Dr Susie Chandler is our RE-STAR project manager. Dr Sylvan Baker is our Y-RP (Youth Researcher Panel) lead on RE-STAR, Jane Offerman is our administrator and Professor Daniel Stahl is our statistician.

More about MEMO

To find out more about this study please email the team at

Project status: Ongoing
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Principal Investigator

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If you have any questions about My Emotions and Me Over Time or RE-STAR, please email