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Population Health Stakeholder Involvement Group (PHSIG)

The PHSIG is chaired by Devon Hanson, retired headmaster and current Education and Senior Leadership Consultant. The group consists of multi-sectoral stakeholders to bring together diverse opinions for shared impact. Membership currently includes individuals from built environment, transport, housing, food, public health, healthcare, youth services, social services, education, local government and local faith sectors. The group continues to expand through recommendation and leveraging community networks.


Scope of PHSIG includes providing advice on research for prevention and improvement of health of communities; advising on multi-sectoral collaborations to support research that engages with the social determinants of health; to advise on translation of research findings into policy and practice; and advising on strategies to ensure that equity, collaboration, and co-development are meaningfully carried out in the development and implementation of research projects.

Up next

PHSIG and the Department will co-develop a community engagement protocol through a World Café participatory exercise. This activity aims to identify how best our Population Health team, based at King's College London can collaborate with and align research with needs of our communities for positive impact.

Project status: Ongoing
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Principal Investigators



Funding Body: School of Life Course & Population Sciences

Amount: 10,000

Period: June 2022 - June 2023