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To effectively promote and uphold a strong culture of research integrity across the whole of the institution, the Research Integrity Office maintains close liaison with academic colleagues through the Research Integrity Champion and Research Integrity Advisor roles.

These roles have been created to ensure that research integrity is promoted and upheld in the conduct of a range of research activities across each Faculty. Research Integrity Champions (RIChs) act as advocates for research integrity at a senior level.

They meet every two months at the Research Integrity Champions Forum to ensure that good research practices are embedded across all faculties.

Research Integrity Advisors (RIAds) support the Research Integrity Champions in disseminating the core message of both excellence and integrity in research.

Research Integrity Champions have been appointed in each of the nine faculties and Research Integrity Advisors are now in place in most schools and departments.

These networks of supporters within our academic faculties have been showcased as a case study by the UK Research Integrity Office in their published guidance on establishing these roles within an institution.

Research Integrity Champions

Each Faculty has appointed a named senior member of staff, ordinarily the Vice Dean for Research, to take on the role of Research Integrity Champion (RICh). The RICh performs a high-level advocacy role, promoting integrity and excellence in research across their Faculty and ensuring that the principles and standards for research integrity are embedded in College-wide and local guidance and training.

The RICh works with the Research Integrity Office to act as a sounding board for changes to relevant College policies and procedures, through attendance at the RICh Forum convened every two months by the Research Integrity Office.

A RICh is a recognised face of good practice and is the individual responsible for their Faculty’s commitment to research integrity and for putting it on the agenda.

Research Integrity Advisors

Research Integrity Advisors (RIAds) support the Research Integrity Champions in disseminating the core message of excellence and integrity in research across their Faculty.

They act as a visible and first point of contact within their Faculty on issues relating to research (mis)conduct, ensuring that local advice is available to all research-active staff and students.

RIAds are individuals recognised for their good conduct in or facilitation of research and promote this within their Department or Faculty.

The Research Integrity Advisor roles may be held by academic or appropriate senior professional services staff.

RIAds liaise closely with the Research Integrity Office to provide tailored advice and guidance to researchers in all aspects of research integrity while maintaining the strictest confidentiality, including in instances where a researcher wishes to anonymously discuss or disclose an instance of poor practice or potential research misconduct.

The RIAds support the Research Integrity Office in delivering discipline-specific training.

To find out more about the Champions and Advisors, including details of your local contacts, please refer to our internal page.

Contact us

For information or advice relating to research integrity matters, including training and concerns on the appropriate conduct of research, please contact the Research Integrity Office. The following colleagues have responsibility for research integrity at King's College London: Dr Natasha Awais-Dean; Dr Natalie Harriman; and Dr Serena Mitchell.

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