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The Sustainability Hub is a community in the Department of Informatics delivering, promoting, and supporting Computer Science research relevant to environmental matters. We develop data governance, software modelling, and optimisation methodologies for addressing net zero and circular economy challenges, including enhancing data quality, measuring environmental impact, and efficient resource allocation. The Sustainability Hub is closely tied to the Net Zero Centre in the Faculty of Natural, Mathematical, and Engineering Sciences.

The Sustainability Hub is centred around four research objectives:

  1. We build frameworks for collecting, processing, analysing, and sharing environmental data to support policy- and decision-making with transparency, trustworthiness, accountability, and explainability.
  2. We lay the foundations of managing power as a computational resource and design energy-efficient IT systems and infrastructures.
  3. We address computational challenges for the transition to more sustainable urban environments and transportation systems.
  4. We engage in multidisciplinary research supporting sustainable innovations in different subject areas, e.g. Biology, Chemical Engineering, and Geography.