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Welcome to the Hub for Applied Bioinformatics @KCL, a place where big data are transformed into valuable knowledge that can drive scientific breakthroughs in the fields of life sciences and medicine.

Our mission is to create a collaborative environment where ideas and expertise can be shared freely, leading to greater productivity and innovation in the field of bioinformatics. Whether you're a student, a research associate or a PI, HAB is the perfect place to learn more about bioinformatics and its application and to getting research done. At the HAB you'll be able to apply for bioinformatics support, attend seminars and data club designed around research workstreams, and attend training sessions taught by experts in the fieds. At HAB, we understand the value of collaboration and networking, which is why we offer the unique opportunity to book desks in our bioinformatics space. This allows you to work alongside other researchers who are also tackling similar bioinformatics challenges. Navigate our website and learn more and join our TEAMS community.