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Understanding and improving training offers for professionals working with people with hoarding behaviours


Our two SSCR-funded studies on hoarding behaviour ‘Social care responses to self-neglect and hoarding among older people: what works in practice?’ and ‘Decluttering the homes of people with hoarding behaviours: Local authority commissioning, professional practices, and user experiences’ have provided rich information on the needs of people experiencing hoarding behaviour and how they could be best supported by statutory and other services.

One of the emerging findings was that while training is commissioned and delivered by local authorities and other agencies, there are gaps in our knowledge about the content and quality of such training and how it is being facilitated.


The aim is to better understand the provision of training for front-line professionals in local authorities, other statutory agencies and out-sourced decluttering services, who support people with hoarding behaviours, in order to inform and improve practice.


There are two steps to the project:

1) To undertake supplementary interviews to fill in the gaps in our knowledge.

2) To synthesize findings from the literature, our two previous studies and the supplementary interviews to inform practice and make recommendations.


This is a short-term project from May to September 2023.


NIHR School for Social Care Research (Research Project P156-AV).


A short report will be published with the funder and a research paper will be submitted to a peer-reviewed journal. The research team also plans a webinar to present findings.

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NIHR School for Social Care Research

Project status: Ongoing