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Changing the world, one discovery at a time

Science has the power to solve the world’s most urgent challenges. We know interdisciplinary collaboration across the sciences and beyond is critical to accelerate breakthrough discoveries. King's has a rich history of pioneering cutting-edge science. Our scientists discovered the structure of DNA, developed electromagnetism and delivered the first human-to-human blood transfusion. We are now ushering a new era of scientific innovation. Uniting our collective expertise, we are responding to urgent global questions that extend from net zero carbon futures to quantum technologies.


Our vision for science


We aim to become the UK’s leading university for future-facing science education and a global powerhouse in cross-disciplinary scientific research. We are advancing connections across the sciences to deliver teaching and research that inspires solutions to complex global issues. By nurturing, attracting and bringing together talent working at the interface of fundamental and applied science, we are shaping an ethos of discovery rooted in interdisciplinary thinking.

Major investment to supercharge science

King's £45.5 million pound investment in talent, education, research and state-of-the-art facilities is advancing knowledge, strengthening skills and powering exploration across the sciences. We are creating the conditions needed to stimulate new innovation by investing in people, infrastructure and research. This transformative investment will deepen our academic excellence as we launch boundary-breaking research centres that connect scientific disciplines.

King's supercharges science with major investment in talent, education and research

Interdisciplinary research centres

Net Zero Centre

Underpinning solutions for addressing key environmental issues

Training future science leaders

King's world-class science degrees deliver future-facing education, taught by leading academics in cutting-edge facilities. Students learn how to solve major societal challenges through an interdisciplinary lens, gaining the skills and experience needed to work within emerging and future industries across the science spectrum. Our flagship Natural Sciences degree programmes are rooted in scientific problem-solving. Through embedded training in entrepreneurship skills, students develop innovative, agile thinking that enhances their future employability.


Pioneering breakthrough research

Interdisciplinary science is fundamental to solving global challenges and developing the scientific breakthroughs of the future. Building on our heritage of ground-breaking discovery, we are embracing synergies at the interface of the physical and life sciences to strengthen our position as a world-leader in interconnected science research. Our expert scientists are already propelling new research forward. We are now creating the conditions needed to stimulate new discoveries by recruiting talent, providing the infrastructure for novel collaborations and incentivising research efforts that have potential to change the world.


Supercharging science at King's