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Pioneering breakthrough research

Interdisciplinary science is fundamental to solving global challenges and developing the scientific breakthroughs of the future. Building on our heritage of ground-breaking discovery, we are embracing synergies at the interface of the physical and life sciences to strengthen our position as a world-leader in interconnected science research. Our expert scientists are already propelling new research forward. We are now creating the conditions needed to stimulate new discoveries by recruiting talent, providing the infrastructure for novel collaborations and incentivising research efforts that have potential to change the world.


Investing in science research


Through a multi-million-pound investment programme, we are recruiting outstanding research talent and nurturing a cross-university mindset of interdisciplinary scientific thinking. New state-of-the-art laboratories and research facilities, together with a growing ecosystem of multidisciplinary research centres facilitate collaboration across the sciences. This targeted investment in fundamental science research ensures we can respond to critical challenges for people and planet that extend from net zero carbon futures to quantum technologies.

Powering net zero carbon futures

Net Zero Centre

Driving multidisciplinary solutions to the climate emergency

Exploring the science of life

The Centre for the Physical Science of Life explores the transformative power of physical science to enhance understanding of the fundamental mechanisms underlying living systems. The centre fosters an atmosphere of creativity, pioneers new frontiers at discipline interfaces and provides innovative, impactful solutions for pressing societal challenges.

Centre for the Physical Science of Life
Molecules MND

Revolutionising quantum science

Innovation across the sciences

Academic research partnerships