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International Management

Students have the option to study abroad for their full third year or to complete an international internship for the full third year. International Management students then return to King's for a fourth and final year. International Management students have the following study abroad opportunities available to them:





If you'd like to study at the University of Toronto please make note of the following: Students are allocated Mississauga, St George or Scarborough campuses.





Hong Kong

If you'd like to study at the University of Hong Kong please make note of the following: International Management students need a minimum average of 60% to be admitted to HKU Business School.






If you're going to study at Universidad Complutense Madrid the certificate for B1/B2 Spanish Language proficiency is required. For more information, please visit the partner website:


If you'd like to study at the Wharton School at The University of Pennsylvania please make note of the following: Average of 60% + recommended for this partner.

Module selection

Students should be aware that there are credit requirements that need to be fulfilled whist studying abroad. Students need to take and pass modules equivalent to 120 King's credits during their year abroad. It is the students' responsibility to ensure they have registered for enough credits whilst studying in the partner institutions and submit in time the learning agreement.

Compulsory year abroad

Since BSc International Management students must spend a compulsory year abroad, they do not have a specific grade requirement for King's to approve them to study abroad. Please note that admission to a partner university is still dependent on the student satisfying the entry requirements of the partner university. Students should also take particular care in giving the reasons for selecting certain universities as their preferred destinations. For example, if they have chosen a host country with language requirements, they should mention if they've studied that language in the 1st and 2nd year of the programme.