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International Business Law LLM pathway

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Led by a team of distinguished academics and practitioners, the King’s LLM in International Business Law will provide you with an edge in the practice of international business law. With a focus on international trading and business and international financial transactions, you may also choose to learn about the resolution of international business disputes through international litigation and arbitration. The modules will provide you with a practitioner perspective and related skills and equip you to practice with a major law firm or multinational corporation.

Key benefits

  • This pathway offers a unique student experience by taking advantage of our outstanding and wide-ranging academic reputation in this field, with emphasis on innovative and problem-solving teaching methods as well as our comparative and international outlook.
  • Designed to maximise students’ intellectual potential, it also keeps you grounded by drawing on the real-world experiences of staff and other practitioners.
  • This pathway focuses on international trading, financial/banking and energy transactions and the resolution of international business disputes through arbitration and/or business litigation. It is strongly oriented towards legal practice in these fields and therefore has a support group of relevant comparative law modules that are regarded as being useful to working in this area.

What you will study

Once enrolled on the General LLM at King’s, students can choose modules to follow the International Business Law pathway and achieve a specialist LLM in International Business Law. Full-time students who complete the programme in one year will normally take modules totalling 180 credits.  *Prerequisite – students must also take Law of International Finance 1. To graduate with an International Business Law LLM at least 120 credits must be taken within the pathway. This can be optional modules alone or a combination of optional modules and a writing project, providing its content is relevant to the pathway.    The range of International Business Law LLM optional modules may typically include:  

  • Banking Law (30 credits)
  • Corporate Governance (15 credits)
  • Green Finance (15 credits)
  • Insurance Law 1 (15 credits)
  • International and Comparative Trust Law (30 credits)
  • International Commercial Arbitration (15 credits)
  • International Investment Law (15 credits)
  • Law of International Finance 1 (30 credits)
  • Taxation of Business Enterprises (30 credits)
  • The Law and Politics of Economic Regulation (15 credits)
  • World Trade Law (15 credits)

In addition, all students are required to take one of the following writing projects, detailed further on the General LLM prospectus page: 

  • Dissertation (45 credits)
  • Dissertation (60 credits)
  • 10,000 word practice or research module (45 credits)

To follow the International Business Law pathway, you must first apply for the General LLM at King's. After enrolment you will select your pathway modules.

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Pathway Director

Professor Djakhongir Saidov, The Dickson Poon School of Law, King's College London.

Professor Djakhongir Saidov

Director of the Professional Law Institute

Professor Djakhongir Saidov is the International Business Law pathway course lead. Professor Saidov specialises in international commercial law. His research interests lie in the law of sale of goods, international commercial law instruments and law relation to international oil and gas operations.

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