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UNITE the union


UNITE is the recognised union for all technical staff at King's. We also have members from other areas of the University, including Professional Services. We represent our members on a wide variety of issues that may affect them in their University employment, e.g individual grievances, disciplinary hearings, appeals, job security, equal opportunities, staff training, and health and safety.

Join the UNITE unionYou can email the King's UNITE branch on: official websiteCheck out the UNITE Facebook page


unison ban

UNISON represents full-time and part-time staff who provide public services, although they may be employed in both the public and private sectors. At King's this includes: Administration, Catering, Cleaning, Estates, Finance, Human Resources, King's College London Students Union, CLSU, King's Sport, Libraries, Professional Services, Residences, Student casual staff, Student Services, Security. You can also join us if you are employed by a temp agency such as King's Talent Bank, Prospectus or Signature. We also represent staff employed by the Royal College of Surgeons and Consultant Services.

Join the UNISON unionYou can email the King's UNISON branch on: national siteCheck the UNISON King's branch Facebook page

The University and College Union (UCU)


UCU is your academic union. We represent academics, researchers, teaching staff and members in academic-related roles including some administrative, library and computing staff. A Unions' strength comes from its members, we encourage every eligible staff member to join UCU at the earliest opportunity. Please note that only limited support can be given within the first three months of your membership, particularly if you join with a pre-existing issue or an issue arises soon after joining.

Join the UCU unionYou can email the King's UCU branch on: University and College Union (UCU) websiteFollow on Twitter @KCL_UCU

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