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Current PhD studentship opportunities

Current opportunities

We are currently recruiting excellent students to a wide range of studentships in Health Sciences

Applications are invited for a range of research studentships offered by our interdisciplinary research groups and centres, mainly tenable for four years, and covering tuition fees and a stipend.

Candidates from the EU and overseas should be aware that some sponsors impose restrictions on eligibility. Please check the sponsor's eligibility requirements before applying. Eligibility requirements can be found on the sponsors' websites.

Current studentship opportunities in the Health Faculties Academic Research Divisions:

Project/Scheme TitleResearch DivisionReference NumberSupervisorsSponsorEligibilityDeadline for applications
A simple “push-button” PET/MR footprinting method for multi-modality prostate cancer imaging Imaging Sciences & Biomedical Engineering 2016/ISBE/S01

Isabel Dregely

Professor Vicky Goh

EPSRC/Siemens Healthcare

Home/EU 29/03/2016
The role of the endothelial cell differentiation-related LAF4IR in vascular repair Cardiovascular Division 2016/CARDIO/S01

Dr Lingfang Seng

Dr Yanhua Hu


Home/EU 19/02/2016
Detection of recreational drugs using fingerprints as a non-invasive screening tool Institute of Pharmaceutical Science 2016/IPS/S01

Professor Kim Wolff

Dr Mark Hudson


Home/EU 04/03/2016
The role of primary cilium in asymmetric stem cell division Genetics & Molecular Medicine 2015/GMM/S11

Dr Shukry Habib

King's College London

Home/EU 31/1/2016
Calcium phosphate nanoparticles to detect and treat dental caries Institute of Pharmaceutical Science 2015/IPS/S04

Dr Maya Thanou

Professor Van Thompson


Home/EU 22/1/2016
Structural and functional investigations of LARP6, and its role in degenerative muscle disorders Randall Division of Cell & Molecular Biophysics 2015/RDCMB/S03

Professor Maria (Sasi) Conte

Professor Jernej Ule


Home/EU 22/1/2016
Optical approaches to delineating novel pathways in skin disease Randall Division of Cell & Molecular Biophysics 2015/RDCMB/S04

Professor Maddy Parsons

Professor John McGrath

Medical Research Council

Home/EU Deadline extended to 28/01/2016
Novel signalling proteins controlling skin blistering disease Randall Division of Cell & Molecular Biophysics 2015/RDCMB/S05

Professor Maddy Parsons


Professor John McGrath


British Skin Foundation  Home/EU Deadline extended to 28/01/2016 
TRP channel control of pain and analgesia Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience DA-IoPPN-MRC-16

Dr David Andersson

Professor Stuart Bevan

Dr Lisa Broad

MRC Industrial CASE

Home/EU 15/01/2016
The influence of collagen nanotopography on cell function Dental Institute 2015/DI/S08

Professor Lucy Di Silvio

Dr Patrick Mesquida


Home/EU 15/01/2016
Cellular mechanisms of palate morphogenesis and clefting Dental Institute 2015/DI/S09

Professor Jeremy Green

Professor Martyn Cobourne


Home/EU 15/01/2016
PhD studentships in the Allergic Mechanisms of Asthma Asthma, Allergy & Lung Biology   Various MRC & Asthma UK Centre in Allergic Mechanisms of Asthma Home/EU 17/01/2016
Probing the conformational dynamics of Human immunoglobulin E using a mass spectrometry-based hybrid approach Department of Chemistry 2016/RDCMB/S02

Dr Argyris Politis

Professor Brian Sutton


BBSRC/LiDo Home/EU 29/02/2016
The early erosive lesion Dental Institute 2016/DI/S01

Professor David Bartlett

Dr Rebecca Moazzez

Unilever Home/EU Open until suitable candidate is found
Development of a wide-field TCSPC detector for FLIM TIRF microscopy of cell membrane receptors Randall Division of Cell & Molecular Biophysics 2016/RDCMB/S01

Professor Klaus Suhling

Professor Maddy Parsons

King's College London Home Open until suitable candidate is found
Novel biomarkers for liver imaging in the monitoring of cancer therapy Imaging Sciences and Biomedical Engineering 2015/ISBE/S02

Professor Julia Schnabel

Professor Ralph Sinkus

iCASE: Medical Research Council (MRC) and Perspectum Diagnostics Home/EU students with standard research council restrictions Open until suitable candidate is found
Probiotic modulation of the microbiome in pregnancy and epigenetic effects on the offspring Women's Health 2015/WH/S01

Dr Paul Taylor

Professor Lucilla Poston

Danone Nutricia Home/EU Open until suitable candidate is found
Integrative genomics of gene expression and immune phenotypes Genetics & Molecular Medicine 2015/GMM/S10

Dr Kerrin Small

Professor Tim Spector

King's College London Home/EU/Int Open until suitable candidate is found
The relationship of gut microbiome and immune cell subtypes and influence in age-related diseases: a twin based study Genetics & Molecular Medicine 2015/GMM/S09

Professor Tim Spector

Dr Massimo Mangino

King's College London Home/EU/Int Open until suitable candidate is found
Image Guided Delivery Institute of Pharmaceutical Science 2015/IPS/S03

Dr Maya Thanou

Dr Panos Hosmas

BBSRC Home/EU The deadline for this studentship has now passed
Can salivary components predict subject responsiveness to taste Dental Institute 2015/DI/S07

Dr Guy Carpenter

Dr Po-Wah So

BBSRC CASE Home/EU The deadline for this studentship has now passed
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