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Experimental Biophysics & Nanotechnology

Group Members

This page lists the members of the Experimental, Biophysics and Nanotechnology research group .

To call an extension, dial +44 (0)20 7848 and add the four digit extension number.

To obtain the full e-mail address add to the name unless otherwise indicated.

Academic staff

Dr Wayne Dickson wayne.dickson 2930
Dr Sergi Garcia-Manyes sergi.garcia-manyes 7106
Professor Mark Green 2064
Dr Francisco Rodriguez Fortuno  francisco.rodriguez_fortuno 2573
Prof. Samjid Mannan samjid.mannan 1780
Dr Patrick Mesquida patrick.mesquida 2241

Dr Dylan Owen

dylan.owen 7448
Prof. David Richards david.r.richards 2753
Dr Shahriar Sajjadi shahriar.sajjadi-emami 2322
Dr Riccardo Sapienza riccardo.sapienza 2491
Dr Klaus Suhling klaus.suhling 2119
Prof. Anatoly Zayats (Head of the group) a.zayats 2477
Facilities manager
Bill Luckhurst william.luckhurst 2320 K-2.83
Associated Members Research staff (postdocs)

Dr Flavia Autore                  Supervisor: Dr Garcia-Manyes

Dr Marianna Casavola      Supervisor: Prof. Green

Dr Simon Fairclough        Supervisor: Prof. Green

Dr Michele Gaio                  Supervisor: Dr Sapienza

Dr Davide Giganti              Supervisor: Dr Garcia-Manyes

Dr Liisa Hirvonen               Supervisor: Prof. Suhling

Dr Elvira Infante                  Supervisor: Dr Garcia-Manyes

Dr Evren Kemal                 Supervisor: Prof. Green

Dr Irina Khromova             Supervisor: Prof. Zayats

Dr Alexey Krasavin             Supervisor: Prof. Zayats

Dr Bob-Dan Lechner         Supervisor: Dr Garcia-Manyes

Dr James Levitt                  Supervisor: Prof Suhling

Dr Marta Castro Lopez      Supervisor: Dr Garcia-Manyes

Dr Mazhar Ejaz Nasir        Supervisor: Prof. Zayats

Dr Judit Perales                Supervisor: Dr Garcia-Manyes

Dr Tomasz Stefaniuk        Supervisor: Prof. Zayats

Dr Duong Ta                       Supervisor: Dr Sapienza

Dr Sebastien Vilain          Supervisor: Dr Dickson

Dr Pang Wang                   Supervisor: Prof. Zayats

Dr Yongjian Wang              Supervisor: Dr Garcia-Manyes

Postgraduate research students (PhD students)
 Name Email Supervisor
 Mohammad Alroaithi  mohammad.alroaithi Dr Sajjadi
 George Ashdown  george.ashdown Dr Owen
 Amy Beedle  amy.beedle Dr Garcia-Manyes
 PatrickBergstrom_mann  patrick.bergstrom_mann Prof. Green
 Struan Bourke  struan.bourke  Prof. Green
 Mary Burkitt- Gray   mary.burkitt-gray Prof. Green
 Soraya CarlosCaixeiro  Soraya.Carlos_Caixeiro  Dr Sapienza
 Juliette Griffie  juliette.griffie  Dr Owen
 Basma Qazi Chaudhry  basma.qazi_chaudhry Prof. Richards
 Ankur Chaurasia  ankur.chaurasia  Dr Sajjadi
 Thomas Kavanagh   thomas.kavanagh Prof.Richards
 Francesco Lotti  francesco.lotti  Prof. Zayats
 Giuseppe Marino   giuseppe.marino Dr Wurtz
 Alix le Marois   alix.le_marois Dr Suhling
 Cillian McPolin  cillian.mcpolin Prof. Zayats
 Marc Mora  marc.mora Dr Garcia-Manyes
 Sergii Morozov  sergii.morozov Dr Sapienza
 Luke Nicholls   luke.nicholls Dr Wurtz
 Mirzai Hassan  mirzai.hassan Prof. Green
 Ruby Peters  ruby.peters

Dr Owen 

Michela Picardi michela.picardi

Dr Rodríguez Fortuño

 Diane Roth  diane.roth Prof. Zayats
 Leonardo Ruiz  leonardo.ruiz Dr Mesquida
 Jorge Salmon  jorge.salmon Prof. Zayats
 Giovanni Sartorello  giovanni.sartorello Prof. Zayats
 Serena Skov Campbell  Serena. Skov_ Campbell Dr Dickson
Priyank Shah priyank.shah Prof.Richards
 Yurema Teijeiro Gonzalez  yurema.teijeiro_gonzalez  Prof.Suhling
 William Wardley  william.wardley Dr Dickson
Alumni PhD Students & Post Doctorial Researchers

PhD students:

Alexander Stone - MPhil - Dr Patrick Mesquida 

Ali Mansourian - Prof Samjid Mannan

Josep Relat Goberna   -  Dr Garcia-Manyes

Dr Silvia Peruch  - Cambridge

Dr Andres David Barbosa - Segate

Dr Andreas Schoeler - Crossrail, London

Dr Gianmarco Zanda

Dr Dimitris Josephides

Dr Ryan Mccarron - Queen's University Belfast

Dr Linden Webster -  Teacher Training

Dr Shohei Tanaguchi- Scientist at Mitsubishi Chemical, Japan.

Dr Zeina Hashim - Academic position at King Abdul-Aziz University, Saudi Arabia.

Dr Paula Rahman -  Nanoco Technologies Ltd, Manchester.

Dr Philip Howes-  Post Doc for Prof. Molly Stevens, Imperial College.

Dr Peter Williamson (joint with Phil Blower, Imaging Sciences) - Science Writer for Pharmaceutical Industry.

Dr Pei Hui - Postdoc Researcher Manchester & now Tawain

Dr Carolyn Tregidgo - Illumina & Now Freelance/consultant

Dr Nicolas Sergent - 3D Imaging Application Specialist

Dr Lior Eligal, Nova Measuring Instruments Ltd, Israel

Dr Kwasi Kwakwa, Imperial College

Tom Ritman-Meer, Cryogenic Ltd

Ferhat Culfaz, Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd


Dr Nicolas Olivier       -  University of Sheifield

Dr Bradley Littleton -  Australia

Dr Pasha Ginzburg - University of Tel Aviv

Dr Paulina Segovia_Olvera - University of Tel Aviv

Dr Daniel O'Oconnor - National Physical Laboratory

Dr Jean- Sebastien Bouillard - University of Hull

Dr Jia Li -  Nano and Advanced Materials Institute Limited, Hong Kong

Dr. Dhana Lakshmi, 2013 – 2014

Dr. Nas Qureshi (academic visitor) 2011 – 2013.

Dr. Xianjin Cui (joint with Phil Blower, Imaging Sciences), 2011 – 2014

Dr. Arun Panneerselvam, 2011 – 2013.

Dr. Mel Bottrill, 2009 –2011.

Dr. Arnaud Glaria (joint with Phil Blower, Imaging Sciences), 2010 – 2011.

Dr. Adam Watts, (academic visitor) 2007.

Nic Cade -  Francis Crick Institute

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