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5 minutes with Holly Ball

For this year's International Day of the Midwife, we've chatted with Holly Ball, a third-year student midwife. Holly talks about why she wants to be a midwife, her role as Academic Rep and her time at King's.

Holly Ball (1)

Describe your role as an Academic Representative in one sentence…

I’m an advocate for my cohort’s needs and a communicator between the Faculty and students… and sometimes just a bit of a sounding board!

My favourite thing about being an Academic Representative is...

I get to hear everything and can do something about it, from complaints to things to be celebrated. It’s a position of trust which I am extremely humbled to be in, and it feels great to be able to make even the smallest difference to someone’s experience as a student.

What is one thing everyone should know about midwives?

Delivering babies is only about 10% of what we do! We’re chameleons when it comes to caring for pregnant people and their families.

What's your favourite thing about your course?

Honestly, just the sheer amount of learning there is. You come into this course knowing very little to nothing about the job, and you end up not only being clued-up academically and practically. You also learn a lot about yourself in the process.

What do you do to switch off from your course?

I’m married with two gorgeous kids, so we spend whatever time we have together doing fun stuff…. Also tattoos and massages…

Why do you want to work as a midwife?

Personally, I want to make women and birthing people feel as comfortable and supported as they can be during a time of immense vulnerability. Knowing you can do that… Well, it makes it all worthwhile.

I chose to study at King's because...

I mean, who doesn’t hear King’s and go “ooh!” It’s a university with a sterling reputation for nursing, midwifery and palliative care and looks a little like Hogwarts (big selling point for me).

My proudest achievement at King’s has been…

Just getting through everything! I’m still baffled that I am in my third year, with the end in sight, I am almost finished with all my exams and assessments.

Right now, my biggest wish is…

To finish this course on time, mental health intact, and to be looking forward to a big bright future with all midwifery has to offer.

If I could meet my future self, I’d expect them to be…

Busy, but proud of the journey I’ve had and how far I’ve come. And looking for the next big thing to do.

What advice would you give to future midwifery students at the Faculty?

Trust the process, try to take everything in your stride. There are times when you feel like you’re drowning but you’re not. Lean on your friends, go through it together, and know that you’re here for a reason and doing an amazing job.

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