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5 minutes with Michael Curtis

Dr Michael Curtis is a Reader in Pharmacology within the School of Cardiovascular Medicine & Sciences, Faculty of Life Sciences & Medicine. We took 5 minutes with Mike to learn more about his career and life outside of work.


Briefly, tell us about your background and career up to this point?

I was trained as a pharmacologist, which means I was trained to hunt drugs. Like 99.9% of us, I have failed... so far. Watch a space, possibly this one. When I joined an academic department, my goal, as the state had educated me, was to give back by teaching and doing worthwhile research. Apparently, this is foolhardy. I have no regrets, and a clean CV, for what it’s worth (to me, my integrity).

What is a typical day like for you, and how has this changed from when you would commute to the office?

I spend all day on the laptop these days. I have a heavy teaching load and am editor in chief of a pharmacology journal and direct a small amount of research. It was and is fun. I am blessed by the excision of a 3+ hour commute each day. For the time being.

What do you think people in the School would find most surprising about you?

Nothing (those that know me). That I am more sad than angry about the careless attitude to the reproducibility crisis (those that don’t know me); I do ‘angry’ quite well and quite often. My bad. And that I am a big fan of †Я▲СΣS ОF GΗΘ5†5 and ✚ ΣXIS†EMY; I love witch house and dark wave, and the last gig I attended was Boy Harsher at the Scala. It was emotional.

How have you adjusted so far to working from home?

When it gets a bit warm I open the Velux. And I don’t have to fret about whether I can find some lunch that’s gluten-free and lactose-free. My fridge is my friend. But I do worry a bit about getting Covid, as I’m old and would probably die if I did (that is quite a concern, despite my frivolity). Luckily, I have a great family and am safe. For now.

What advice would you give to yourself to your 18-year-old self?

Remember when you had a feeling that many of the senior scientists had little idea what they were on about, apart from their agenda? Well, you were right. Be kind to them, and they will leave you alone. Mostly. Avoid plausible women; you have no judgement in that area. Keep following The Albion – and their time will come.



Your favourite season... The football season.

Your favourite book... The ‘Dark Materials’ series. Lyra is a legend.

You'd spend an hour cooking... Roast chicken, with half an onion and an apple as stuffing.

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