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5 minutes with Sarah Chapman

Dr Sarah Chapman is a Senior Lecturer in the Institute of Pharmaceutical Science and the Manager for the Centre for Adherence Research and Education (CARE). We were able to borrow 5 minutes of her time to learn how her passion for health psychology was sparked, the new project in CARE she's working on, and much more.

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Briefly, tell us about your background and career up to this point?

I grew up in Cambridgeshire and I was always interested in two things: what made people tick and science, so I ended up studying psychology at university. In my first week, my tutor asked if I could help her recruit other students to keep a diary of their mood and bowel movements! It was quite an ice breaker and I’ve been hooked on health psychology research ever since.

What is a typical day like for you?

I wake up about 5:30 with my 1-year-old and then have quite a few cups of tea while tag-teaming, getting the kids ready, and feeding our tortoise with my husband. I tend to catch up on emails first thing. Like all academics, every working day is different. But it’s usually a combination of meeting pharmacy students and colleagues, teaching, writing papers, and grant applications. I’m the manager of the Centre for Adherence Research and Education (CARE) so I'm also likely to be involved in working on activities there with the other members of the team. Then I watch the start of Frozen for the 1000th time with the kids and do bedtime, followed by some much-needed downtime.

Looking back, did the pandemic and resulting lockdowns teach you anything you’re willing to share?

Like most people I missed so much time with friends and family, including some big things like weddings, funerals and around the birth of my daughter. It was tricky to see the kids missing out too. It has taught me to really cherish getting together with friends and family.

Do you have any current projects that you’d like to tell us about?

We’ve just had some funding come into CARE to develop some specialist adherence training resources for healthcare professionals working in kidney care. I’m looking forward to working with the team and I'm hoping we will be able to make something that is useful for patients and healthcare practitioners.

What do you do with your time outside academia/work?

I’m probably at B&Q getting things to renovate our house, at a playground, or watching a science fiction/thriller drama on the TV. I’m hoping to get back to running and do more travel this year.

Who inspires you most and why?

My mum. She is unfailingly smart, kind, thoughtful, and helpful to everyone.

What is your favourite thing about working at King’s?

I am absolutely loving meeting all the different clinicians and researchers working at the university and hearing about their work. There are so many opportunities for interesting projects.


Favourite season: Spring

Netflix recommendation: Stranger Things (for the 3 people who haven’t already watched)

Coffee order: Large black filter

Most-used emoji: 🙄 (to my husband)

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