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A guide to who is voting and when in this historic year for democracy

Here is our current guide to the elections taking place around the world in 2024 so you can keep up with what is happening where in this unique year for democracy.

Around 1.5 billion people will be going to the polls this year as significant elections are taking place in more than 50 countries which between them hold almost half of the world’s population. 

Having so many elections in 2024 offers a unique insight into the state of democracy around the world today. We could see significant geopolitical implications resulting from these elections as leadership changes around the world. And as voters around the world go to the polls and the results come in, we can discover new information about current political and social trends.

Here is the current list of elections taking place this year so you can keep on track with who is voting when.



7 January: Bangladesh (general election)

9 January: Bhutan (general election )

13 January: Taiwan (Presidency and Legislative Yuan election)

28 January: Finland (Presidency)

14 January: Comoros (Presidency)

26 January: Tuvalu (House of Assembly election)




4 February: El Salvador (Presidency and Legislative Assembly)

7 February: Azerbaijan (Presidency)

8 February: Pakistan (National Assembly)

14 February: Indonesia (Presidency, House of Representatives, Regional Representative Council)

25 February: Belarus (Chamber of Representatives)

25 February: Senegal (Presidency)

25 February: Liechtenstein (Referendum)




1 March: Iran (Iranian Islamic Consultative Assembly)

8 March: Ireland (Referendum on constitution re: gender and family)

17 March: Russian Federation (Presidency)

10 March: Portugal (Assembly of the Republic)

Slovakia (Presidency) (tentative, date not yet confirmed) 

Togo  (Presidency) (tentative, date not yet confirmed) 




10 April: South Korea (South Korean National Assembly)

India (Indian People's Assembly) (voting will start 19 April and the results announced on 4 June)

Kiribati (Presidency and House of Assembly) (tentative, date not yet confirmed) 

Maldives (Maldivian People's Council) (tentative, date not yet confirmed)

Solomon Islands (National Council) (tentative, date not yet confirmed)

North Macedonia (Presidency) (tentative, date not yet confirmed) 




2 May: UK (local government, local authority mayoral, combined authority mayoral , police and crime commissioner and Greater London Authority elections)

5 May: Panama (Presidency and National Assembly)

12 May: Lithuania (Presidency and Referendum)

19 May: Dominican Republic (Presidential and congressional elections)  



1 June: Iceland (Presidency)

2 June: Mexico (Presidency, Senate and Chamber of Deputies)

6-9 June: European Parliamentary elections

9 June: Belgium (Chamber of Representatives)

22 June: Mauritania (Presidency)

Croatia (tentative, date not confirmed)

Madagascar (tentative, date not confirmed)




15 July: Rwanda (Presidency and Chamber of Deputies)

Syrian Arab Republic (Syrian People's Council) (tentative, date not confirmed)




Austria (National Council) (tentative, date not confirmed)

Czech Republic (Senate) (tentative, date not confirmed)

Sri Lanka (Presidency) (tentative, date not confirmed)




26 October: Georgia (Georgian Parliament)

Mozambique (Presidency and Assembly) (tentative, date not confirmed)

Uruguay (Presidency, Chamber of Representatives and Chamber of Senators (tentative, date not confirmed)

Chad (Presidency) (tentative, date not confirmed)

Jordan (House of Deputies) (tentative, date not confirmed)

Tunisia (Presidency) (tentative, date not confirmed)

Botswana (National Assembly) (tentative, date not confirmed)




5 November: USA (Presidency, Senate and House of Representatives)

24 November: Tunisia (Presidency)

12 Nov: Palau (Presidency, Senate and House of Delegates)

Romania (Presidency, Senate and Chamber of Deputies) (tentative, date not confirmed)

Namibia (Presidency and National Assembly) (tentative, date not confirmed)

Georgia (Presidency) (tentative, date not confirmed)

Moldova (Presidency and Referendum) (tentative, date not confirmed)  



South Sudan (Presidency and South Sudanese Transitional National Legislative Assembly) (tentative, date not confirmed)

Algeria (Presidency) (tentative, date not confirmed)

San Marino (Sammarinese Grand and General Council) (tentative, date not confirmed)

Ghana (Presidency and Parliament) (tentative, date not confirmed)

Guinea-Bissau (Presidency) (tentative, date not confirmed)

Mauritius (Mauritian National Assembly) (tentative, date not confirmed)

Uzbekistan (Uzbekistani Legislative Chamber) (tentative, date not confirmed)



Dates not yet confirmed

United Kingdom (recent speculation is it could be November)

South Africa (must be held between May and August 2024)




 *We have tried to present as full and as accurate a list as possible, but some elections might not be included in this list and dates could be subject to change

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