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College Council agenda and minutes

Minutes of the King’s College Council (the College's governing body) are posted to the website once approved at the subsequent meeting. As of January 2020, Council papers are also published, following the subsequent meeting.

In some cases, published agenda papers and minutes have been subject to redaction to remove information which remains sensitive for reasons such as commercial confidentiality or personal data.  





21 November 2023

Agenda papers 

Confirmed minutes

12 July 2023

Agenda papers  (3.6MB)

Confirmed minutes (295KB)

11 May 2023

Agenda papers (7.47 MB)

Confirmed minutes (259KB)

30 March 2023

Agenda papers  (5.67MB)

Confirmed minutes

19 January 2023

Agenda papers (pdf 2.84MB)

Confirmed minutes (pdf 261KB)




22 November 2022

Agenda papers  (pdf 5.77MB)

Confirmed minutes (pdf 312KB)

13 July 2022

Agenda papers  (pdf 9.45MB)

Confirmed minutes (pdf 308KB)

12 May 2022

Agenda papers  (pdf 1.93MB)

Confirmed minutes  (pdf 266KB)

31 March 2022

Agenda papers  (pdf 2.88MB)

Confirmed minutes  (pdf 325KB)

22 January 2022

Agenda papers  (pdf 3.16MB)

Confirmed minutes  (pdf 312KB)





23 November 2021

Agenda papers (pdf 4.7MB)

Confirmed minutes (pdf 303KB)

14 July 2021

Agenda papers (pdf 7MB)

Confirmed minutes (pdf 447KB)

26 May 2021

Agenda papers (pdf 2.13MB)

Confirmed minutes (pdf 312KB)

31 March 2021

Agenda papers (pdf 13.3MB)

Confirmed minutes (pdf 313KB)

21 January 2021

Agenda papers (pdf 3.4MB)

Confirmed minutes (pdf 267KB)




24 November 2020

Agenda papers (pdf 5.5MB)

Confirmed minutes (pdf 363KB)

15 July 2020

Agenda papers (pdf 8.04MB)

Confirmed minutes (pdf 8MB)

14 May 2020

Agenda papers (pdf 7.47MB)

Confirmed minutes (pdf 283KB)

2 April 2020

Agenda papers (pdf 364KB)

Confirmed minutes (pdf 2.61KB)

30 January 2020

Agenda papers (pdf 2.63MB)

Confirmed minutes (pdf 204KB)

Council minutes from past meetings are available below. Queries regarding access to Council minutes prior to 2016 should be directed to Corporate Records Management.