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About the African Leadership Centre

The African Leadership Centre (ALC) is a global community of scholars, based at King’s College London and the University of Nairobi, whose research on peace, leadership, development and security issues aims to inform and influence intellectual debate, teaching and learning as well as policy discourses both in Africa and globally.

The ALC is an academic unit at King’s College London with a semi-autonomous research and training centre based in Nairobi, Kenya. The London and Nairobi teams work in close collaboration with each other on a great number of activities and are inherently inter-linked, but also have distinct roles, purposes and programmes.  

The ALC runs ground-breaking master's programmes and a highly competitive Fellowship programme that students to work and study across several continents. Over the years the ALC has attracted some of the most influential African and global thought leaders, diplomats, military personnel, politicians and civil society leaders to speak at lectures and debates with its students in London and Nairobi.

Its innovative approaches to debating major leadership, security and development issues - through the web-based ALC Radio, for instance, or through its bi-annual Africa debates - convene important discussions on pertinent issues in Global Affairs. 

ALC Radio

ALC Pan-African Radio is a public interest radio established by the African Leadership Centre (ALC) with a core focus on peace, security and leadership in Africa. It serves audiences across Africa and in the Diaspora.

Programmes broadcast fall broadly in the area of peace and security, discuss leadership dimensions and responses, engage all shades of African opinion, and adhere to a set of core values.

The Education Programme section of the website includes radio scripts written and performed by students on the ALC MSc programmes, adapted from essays submitted as part of the Leadership and Society core module.

Previous topics for such programmes include: The significance of youth mobilisation in South Africa’s history; Leadership and Social Movements - Translating popular demands to social change; and Paul Kagame’s Leadership role in gender equality in Rwanda, amongst others.

Listen to the ALC Radio on the ALC-Pan African Radio Website as well as on iTunes, Tune-in, and SoundCloud.

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What we do

The ALC places great value on the core values that underpin effective leadership, and the research undertaken at the Centre is global in its breadth and impact. Although not exclusively African in its coverage or it’s student intake, the ALC is nevertheless committed to developing future generations of African leaders - women and men - alongside those from across the world. It trains and mentors young people with the potential to lead and enable innovative change in their communities and in their regions; to that end, it builds capacity not just of the individuals, but of the communities, institutions and organisations in which they live and work. It has a particularly strong network of successful alumni around the world who continue to actively participate and support its initiatives

Making change

ALC’s peace, security and development focussed programmes teach specific leadership and transformational skills, and engage students in practical analysis of various institutional approaches to security and development. We hope and believe that the students trained on our programmes will participate in institutional, national and regional networks in order to become the next generation of academics and decision-makers committed to engendering peace and development in society.


You can find out more about the African Leadership Centre on the ALC YouTube channel.

Digital outreach

ALC Datalab is committed to providing data on the fields of Peacebuilding, Women, Gender, Security and Development in Africa. It is designed to serve as warehouse for scarce data across the continent in order to assist African researchers, scholars and students in their works.

The ALC Datalab is also an open data repository with capabilities for independent analyses to enable researchers have access to validated data from specialist sources.

There are also infographic features and plugins for data storytelling to make data less static and dynamic captivating the minds of users and simplifying data instead of the usual number crunching associated with traditional methods of data collection.

The Datalab features geographical information system (GIS) capabilities and there are geo-referenced data for presenting dynamic maps to aid social science research.

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Study with us

Postgraduate study

Postgraduate study

Discover the postgraduate taught degrees offered by the African Leadership Centre.

PhD research

PhD research

Learn about our Leadership Studies with reference to Security & Development PhD.

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