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Academic Publications

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In-depth Publications

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Proliferation case study series

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Research Reports

Felix Ruechardt, ‘Non-Proliferation and Foreign Direct Investment Reviews: Implications for Reform in the UK’, Project Alpha, 16 April 2018, available online here.

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White Papers

Stephen Osborne, ‘Use of Entity Screening and Vessel Tracking to Assist Implementation of UN Sanctions – a Whitepaper’, Project Alpha, 8 December 2017

Other Publications

Ian Stewart, Mohammad Adil Sultan, “Pakistan and the NSG”, 10 June 2019. Available online here

Emma Scott, ‘The EU should tackle Iran’s Ballistic Missile Program’, Atlantic Council, 7 January 2019. Available online here

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Weapons of Mass Ecommerce: What can Alibaba do?’ Project Alpha, 27 September 2014

Dominic Williams, ‘Alpha’s Work To Support UNSCR 1540’ , Project Alpha, 22 September 2014



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