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Global Pay For Students

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is using the Western Union Business Solutions GlobalPay For Students service better than using my bank?

If you use your bank to make the payment directly to King’s College London, your bank is likely to send an international payment without you knowing what the rate of exchange is. This may not only cost you more, but is also likely to result in unforeseen additional bank charges. By using GlobalPay  for Students, you are assured of a guaranteed rate of exchange you can accept before you pay valid for 72 hours. You can also rest assured that King’s College London will receive your fees in full.

Do I need to provide my University’s Bank Details?

No. If you select to pay via card, eWallet (such as Alipay, WeChat Pay, Klarna etc.) or through your online banking then you won’t need to provide any bank details. If you select to pay by bank transfer then you only need the local bank details that will be provided to you on the PDF quote through the Western Union Business Solutions (WUBS) service. Western Union Business Solutions hold our bank details and all payments will be allocated accordingly using individual student ID numbers


Can I make a transfer via my own bank

To get the benefits of this service it is important that you send your fee amount to the  Western Union Business Solutions (WUBS) bank account details that are provided to you, in the currency stiplulated on the payment Instructions . You can use your own bank to make this transfer to the  WUBS account. Make sure that your bank quote the reference number you have been given in the PDF. This ensures your tuition fee is easily identifiable by King’s College London and that the application of the payment to your student account does not incur any delay.

Which fees can I pay using this service?

This service can be used to make payment for all Tuition and / or Residence invoices on your student fees account as well as any Post Graduate or Undergraduate Tuition Fee Deposit the admissions team may have asked you to pay.

I cannot find my local currency on the list, what should I do?

Unfortunately, there are particular currencies which neither King's College London nor  Western Union Business Solutions are permitted to trade in on the international markets. If you cannot locate your currency on the drop down list, we would advise you to contact Credit Control ( for further advice on how best to process your payment.

I wish to pay the Tuition Fee deposit but am not sure how much I am expected to pay?

You can find this information on your offer letter, however, if you do not have this, you can raise your request through the admissions portal. Please be aware that when paying for your Tuition Deposit through this payment method it will take around a week to reflect on your admissions portal. If the deposit does not reflect after a week, please send the admissions team a message via the admissions portal.

I do not know how much my Tuition / Residence fee balance is

You can view any balance owing for Tuition and / or Residence fees, by logging onto Student Records and clicking on the 'Student Fee Details' link under the 'My Fees' header. NOTE: If you are a Postgraduate Research Student this link is available on the 'Postgraduate Research Students Home Page' tab. If your access to One Space is restricted, then you can contact the Credit Control department by sending an email to

I have found a better exchange rate elsewhere for my payment but need the college’s IBAN details?

 Please bear in mind that exchange rates quoted in the free press and internet sites may only be an interbank rate and may not be obtainable for money transfers once you have signed up to use their services. Western Union Business Solutions carries out extensive market research to ensure that the rates they offer through this service are competitive against those that major banks and brokers offer. In addition to this, the rates offered through this service are secured for 72 hours giving you time to make your payment without the risk of losing money due to volatile market movements.

Please also note that international bank transfers are often subject to handling charges being deducted by both the sending and receiving banks, leaving shortfalls owing for your fees which you would have to arrange to settle via an additional payment, causing added inconvenience.

For the above reasons, we strongly recommend that you chose to use

If however you still feel that you can obtain a more competitive quote from an alternative financial institution, then we would be happy to discuss it with you and to provide you with the College Bank Account details including SWIFT and IBAN in order for you to carry out a direct bank transfer to the college.

I am from China and wish to pay my fees by card, how do I proceed

We recognise that it is not always possible for students to pay through the card payment site when their card issuer is based in China. For that reason, Western Union Business Solutions provide a unique opportunity for students to pay through Global Pay for Students, using Geoswift. For more information, please visit our web pages for students from China. If you require further help and guidance on this payment method, please email

 Contact details

If you have any questions regarding the service, we have arranged for Western Union to provide a dedicated Customer Service team that can aid you with any additional information on the service and its benefits and/or walk you through the process. For any of the above or any other related queries please contact:

Phone:  +44 (0) 1733 871871


Please be aware of the opening hours if making contact by phone:

Monday - Friday 8.00am to 5.30pm UK Time.

To continue and make payment please visit Western Union pages.

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