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Finding work

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Many students work while they are studying at undergraduate, masters and PhD level to supplement their income from loans or grants, and to gain valuable work experience. It can be a great way to meet people in a new city, provide a break from your studies and help cover the costs of living in an expensive city. The Guardian collected stories from recent students about their experiences of working while studying here.

The Complete University Guide and Save The Student have also written about the advantages and pitfalls of working while studying and give advice on looking for work.  At King's the Careers & Employability can advise you on how and where to find part time work.

A word of warning for International Students seeking employment, please refer to our guidance on working during your studies.  Students on a Tier 4 and short term visas will have restrictions around the types of work you can do and the amount of hours you can work.  Please note that Tier 4 students cannot work in a self-employed capacity, which could include some agency work and work from home depending on how the job is set up.  Always read the guidance and seek further advice to make sure you are not in breach of the regulations because you may loose your visa if you do.


Looking for work

There are different ways to gain work experience and you should think about what your priorities are when you are looking for positions. If developing skills and employability related to your course is important then a part time job, placement or Summer Internship might be the best option for you. An appointment with a Careers Consultant will give you suggestions and support. If earning extra cash with a flexible job is more important then there are many options available in London, either a few hours a week during term time or in the summer holidays. 

Some examples of popular jobs for students that you might want to think about include: 

  • Bar work / shop assistant work - This has always been a popular choice for students as it can fit around your studies and is often quite flexible. You could look for work during the holiday periods so that term time can be kept for studying. Look in local papers or pop in to local shops or bars to ask if they have any opening. You can also search online and there are many websites that advertise work.

  • Part time assistant within a relevant industry or profession - This could give you great experience in a relelvant field but be careful as it is likely to be less flexible. If you are a postgrad you may already have links from previous employers so you could try to negotiate continuing to work part time. Make sure your employer knows when your exams or busy periods are, and try to plan ahead. Contact the Kings Careers & Employability for advice.

  • Temping agency - From administrator to event staff or nanny you can get all sorts of temporary roles through a temping agency, and the agency will often help you find work that suits your needs as well as the employers. Make sure you read through your contract and are happy with the terms before you start. 

  • Student Ambassador / jobs within university and KCLSU - As a student within King's you are well placed to show new students around, help with events and work within the Student Union.  

  • Tutoring - There are many jobs supporting younger students with their studies and this is a popular job for postgraduate students. You can work for an agency or find clients independently. Be careful that it doesn't eat into your study time too much as a few students a week can end up taking a lot of preparation and travel time which may not be paid.

  • Internships - These can be a great way to get valuable experience for your future career. Some internships pay a minimum wage or London Living Wage which is important to check as you will be adding great value to the company through the work that you do. Make sure you check the kind of work you will be asked to carry out, so that you don't end up making the tea.

  • Volunteering - While this is not a paid position it can be a very valuable experience and some organisations will give you training that will look great on your C.V. Many charities or community organisations rely on their volunteers and by getting a foot in the door it can open up future opportunities. Just make sure that you are strict with yourself about how much time you can realistically volunteer. 

Job opportunities within King's

Within King's there are several places you can look for work as a student. These are:

Looking for jobs in academia



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