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Looking for housing

What to consider

narrowbannergreenWe are able to offer guidance to any student looking for, and securing, housing in the private sector. 

Our role is to provide you with support and guidance, and enable you to make an informed decision. We do not recommend any particular area, estate/letting agent or course of action. 


London is a large city and there are many housing options to consider. The market is fast-paced, so it is good to get a clear picture of what is on offer before you start searching.

You may need to consider: 

Who you want to live with

Will you form a group or look on your own? 

Do you want to:

  • Live alone - 1 bedroom flat, studio, bedsit
  • Look on your own for a place in an existing flat 
  • Look for a whole flat with friends or other people?

Before you decide on your house-hunting group:

  • Have a frank discussion with potential flatmates as to your expectations on budgets, areas etc. Make sure you let the others know what you expect in terms of cleanliness, noise, guests. 
  • Good friends do not always make for good flatmates.
Your budget

It is important to have a clear idea of your budget and finances for the coming academic year before you commit to a flat (sign contracts, pay money for a deposit). 

The Advice & Guidance Team has a 'Budget planner' and 'Forecaster' that you may want to consult.

Where you want to live

King's students live all over London, and your choice of location may depend on price, availability, distance from your campus or simply personal preference. Unlike in other cities, there is no 'student area'. 

The best thing to do is have a look at a couple of areas that you are interested in; you may want to consider what shops are available, transport links, compatibility with the neighbourhood. 


For many students, cost of accommodation can be a key factor for choosing where they live. The London Rents Map (produced by the Greater London Authority) provides detailed figures of the average rents charged in different London post-code areas. 

This is also a useful tool for determining whether the rent you are being asked for is too high (room for negotiation) or too low (something may be wrong with the property or it could be a scam). 

The ULHS also provides information on the average rents charged in different postcodes.


A key factor for students will be travel costs when planning where they're going to live. You can make savings by getting an 18+ Student Oyster, which gives 30% off weekly, monthly or annual Travelcards and Bus & Tram passes.

The ULHS website also provides some useful information about getting around London.


When should I book private accommodation?

Unless you are already living in London and need to move in this summer before mid- August we would advise you to think very carefully before committing yourself to a housing contract for next academic year at this stage. It is important that you sign up for accommodation only after fully considering if it meets your needs, and when you will be realistically able to move.

Please be assured that London has a vast and fluid housing market and tenants usually look for somewhere to live around 4-6 weeks before they need to move in. The University of London Housing Service will launch its new Property Platform on Tuesday 11th August, and make their housing lists available at the Online Housing Fair on the 13th August.

Once you have found somewhere suitable to live you can speak to the University of London Housing Service or the Housing Advisers, in Advice & Guidance, if you wish to check the terms of your tenancy agreement.

narrowbannergreenThis page is for information purposes only. King's College London accepts no liability or responsibility for any of the external/3rd party websites or accommodation providers mentioned or linked to on this web-page.

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