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Settling Into Your New Home

Once you have moved into your new home, it is important to look after yourself and the property too. If this is the first time you have lived away from home you will need to manage your time and factor in activities such as shopping, cleaning and cooking.

You may also be living with others, and this can take some adjustment. Consider drawing up rotas and agreements between you with regards to cleaning communal areas to prevent issues later. Take it in turns to buy essential items or create a house/flat account that you all contribute to, to cover things like toilet roll, cleaning products etc. 


Keep on top of your laundry to avoid having no clean clothes to wear. Remember to:

  • separate colours and delicate items
  • close zips and undo buttons
  • empty pockets
  • read the labels on your clothes

Our handy guide is available to help you understand the signs you might find on clothing labels.


Cooking is a valuable skill and living away from home gives you the perfect opportunity to learn and improve.

There are many simple recipes available online and in student cook books to get you started, but don't be afraid to experiment or change them to suit your tastes. 

It will usually be cheaper to cook large portions and freeze leftovers to save for days when you don't have time to cook. Alternatively, if you are living with others you may wish to take turns making a meal for the group.

Keep an eye out for offers and deals, but be aware of sell-by dates and don't buy too much food that has a limited shelf-life.


Generally, as a tenant you take on certain responsibilities with regard to the upkeep of the property. This can include:

  • taking out the bins
  • changing light bulbs
  • replacing fuses
  • cleaning accessible windows
  • preventing damp and mould by opening windows

Landlords are responsible for repairs to the exterior and structure of a property, but you have a duty to inform them if there is a problem. 

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