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National Student Money Week

Share Your Stories

Money can seem such a taboo topic in this day and age. But Talk Money Week is encouraging you to talk about your money - open that conversation on how to save money or even how you might struggle with money! Nothing is too small or too big!

To get the ball rolling, our Money Mentors have shared some of their money experiences! Click below to see what they have to say! Mind you we are all humans and we all have our own favourite money tips and our fair share of big money mistakes and struggles that we learn from.

Angel - A tip on takeaways

My name is Angel and I am a Student Money Mentor under the Advice and Guidance Team at King’s College London. 

I want to talk you about money! We all need it, we all struggle with it, and we all want more of it. Personally, I am very keen on saving up for the future. I feel much more secured when I have a back-up fund for emergencies. In fact, there are many ways to start saving up. I started by cutting down on take-away food and by using smart money apps on my phone such Round it Up. And, you know what is cool? Because there so many ways to save money, if we all we share our ideas, then, we can really make the most out it. 

That is why we have decided to make next week Talk Money Week. You will be able to find me and the all other amazing money mentors across all campuses talking about money awareness and the tips and tricks to make life as a student better! There will also be lots of competitions and freebies. So please, do share your stories with us as we would love to hear how you’ve been amazing at your money management. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram because we’ll be sharing lots of good stuff there.

More importantly, see around this week! Thank you.

Beth - A tip on thinking through big purchases

Beth-storyHi I'm Beth, I'm a money Mentor with King's Advice and Guidance service.

It's Talk Money Week this week and we've got loads of events and competitions happening across all the different campuses so check out the website for details!

Talk Money Week is all about talking about money, really just breaking that taboo of talking about money. I'd like to tell you about a time where I wasn't great with my money. I'm now a money mentor but you can go through a time where you are bad at money and learn from your mistakes. Sometimes that personal experience can help you get better in the future and hopefully you can learn from my mistakes too.

I was on holiday to Zakynthos in Greece with my friends and after a couple of blue lagoons our holiday rep asked us if we wanted to go in November to Butlins in Skegness, I obviously thought that was a great idea. Me and a friend put down a £44 deposit for this weekend away. It didn't take long for me to realise that I didn't want to go to Butlins in Skegness, nothing wrong with Skegness just didn't really want to go. I looked into sorting it out, I tried to get my money back, it wasn't going to happen and they clearly like getting their deposits for these things. But I didn't then pay the full amount so I didn't lose the rest of the money which was going to be another £150 so I think it's best to lose that little bit of money to avoid spending the full amount. This embarassing experience has taught me to be careful not to make any big purchases under the influence of alcohol or without thinking them through carefully.

Get talking about money, come to our stalls 12th-16th November, we have loads of competitions on so come and see us. 

Keri - A tip on travelling in London and keeping active

keri-storyHello my name is Keri and I am a fourth year dental student  here at KCL. I also work as a Money mentor which is a student based team under the universities Advice and Guidance team which is designed to help other student maximise their finances whatever their budget may be. 

We believe it is really important for every student to think about their finances as it has a large impact on your life here at university. So in order to get the conversation going I am going to share a couple of tips and tricks that I have in order to ensure my finances are in check whilst studying. 
The best investment I have made this year is my 16-25 railcard. I absolutely love going home to see my family in Lincolnshire and I also regularly utilise the tube and overground here in London for leisure and work purposes. The railcard takes a 1/3 off my train fairs and also cuts the cost of my tube fair because I have it attached to my Oyster card. 

Another tip is to use the King’s Move app on your phone especially if you are keen walker/runner/gym goer. This counts your steps and turns them into point which you can redeem for discounts, free food or free coffee/tea at the King’s food outlets. So far I have redeemed around 30 free hot drinks and I have enough points for another 11 hot drinks which will be super useful in my lecture blocks. 

However, there are still areas where I believe I could improve with my finances. I have a somewhat unhealthy obsession with McDonalds and my bank account take a regular hit from my visits there. So if you guys have any tips for me on how I could reduce this expenditure then please come along to our campaign this week!

This week is Talk Money Week where we are discussing what elements of money are on your mind. We will be visiting each campus throughout the week so make sure you head over to our website or social media platforms to check out when we will be at your campus. 

Stefani - A tip on subscriptions

stefani-storyHi everyone! I'm Stefani, 4th year medical student and one of the Money Mentors as part of the advice and guidance team and I would like to share my story on money.

Q: What's the best investment purchase I have ever made?
A: Getting my own tumbler. I love coffee - can't do without it - and I have ended up buying so many cups of coffee that accumulates. So I decided to invest in my own tumbler so that I can bring my own home-brewed coffee and save my coffee money.

Q: What is my biggest money mistake?
A: Subscribing to a free trial of something online and forgetting to cancel the subscription when the free trial runs out. This has resulted in numerous times when I have had to pay extra for a subscription I didn't want just because I forgot to cancel it. I have learnt to put multiple calender reminders (with alarms and alerts) continuously for a few days before the due date of the end of a subscription now. 

Q: Do you plan for the future?
A: Most definitely. I have learnt to plan a budget in advance especially if I am planning to go on holiday to make sure I save enough money from work for my holiday. I also do my monthly budget which I make on a spreadsheet and an app to track my income and expenditure.

So these are my money stories and tips. Make sure to come down to our campaign this week - it will be across the different campuses and there will be lots of freebies! Be a look out for the Money Mentors who will be there to greet you with our cheerful faces!

Don't forget to come down on 12th Nov - 16th Nov, "Talk Money" and share your stories too! Visit the "What's On" page to check when we will be around at the your campus. 

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