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Postdoctoral research opportunities

The Department of Culture, Media and Creative Industries (CMCI) welcomes postdoctoral fellows and visiting scholars from around the globe who will enrich our academic community, add to our scholarly mission, and provide intellectually stimulating seminars and lectures for our students and staff. These research scholars are entitled to access the King's College London library and computer systems. They may attend lectures and seminars (subject to any restriction imposed by CMCI), but they are not entitled to individual supervision (except when they are coming as part of a funded postdoctoral scheme - see below). 

Essentially we offer two distinct kinds of possibilities for current and postdoctoral scholars to work at CMCI. Some scholars, usually within 5 years of completing a PhD, might wish to apply for one of the many funding schemes that support early career researchers. These include schemes run by Fulbright, Leverhulme and the British Academy, as well as Marie Curie and Newton Fellowships. If you wish to apply to any of these schemes, please first explore whether there is anyone in the department whose research interests would make them a potential mentor for you: You can find information here about how to apply and who to contact:

If, however, you are already an established academic you may wish to come to CMCI as a Visiting Scholar. For these positions, we accept established scholars who are currently on sabbatical, or are the recipients of other kinds of research funding. In cases where the visiting scholar is being funded by a university, government or other funding body, a ‘bench fee’ will be charged to offset administrative and supervisory costs. 

  • Visiting appointments of up to six months: £500
  • Visiting appointments of up to one year: £1,000

Former King’s staff members, former King’s PhD students, and visitors from King’s partner organisations (where a Memorandum of Understanding is in place) will not be charged a bench fee. If you fit one of these criteria, please ensure that you mention this when making initial contact with the department. 

Please note that King’s is not able to guarantee visiting scholars reserved desk space, though scholars are welcome to use open ‘hot-desking’ space available to research students in the Maughan Library or in departments, wherever possible. 

We do not accept PhD students as Visiting Scholars. In addition, because of limitations in space and resources, CMCI can only house three Postdoctoral Fellows or Visiting Scholars at one time. We can only consider requests from individuals who are working in one of the research priority areas of the Department and places are extremely competitive.

If you wish to apply to spend a period of time at CMCI as a postdoctoral fellow or visiting scholar please fill in the Visiting Appointment Request Form and email Roberta Comunian and the Arts Cluster Research team with your full CV. 

NB - for Postdoctoral Fellow applications ONLY:

Please note that you are asked on the application form to name your proposed Sponsor/Mentor amongst the existing CMCI staff. You may, if you wish, contact your proposed Sponsor/Mentor direct, prior to submitting your application, to check if they would be able to Sponsor/Mentor your subsequent funding bid and proposed research whilst at CMCI. This contact should be followed by a formal application using the online form above, however, where you should also indicate any such contact with CMCI prior to the application. If you do not wish to contact your proposed Sponsor/Mentor prior to submitting your application, simply name them on the application and your details will then be passed on to them once your application is received.

Information about past and current postdoctoral and visiting researchers can be found in the People section.

Please note, this form is for candidates applying to the Department of Culture, Media and Creative Industries only. Any applications for other department positions will not be responded to. 

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