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CNES Publications Archive: 2017



A long-range ordered array of copper tetrameric units embedded in an on-surface metal organic framework

Matteo Lo Cicero, Ada Della Pia, Massimo Riello, Luciano Colazzo, Francesco Sedona, Maria Grazia Betti, Mauro Sambi, Alessandro De Vita, Carlo Mariani

Xanthine Quartets on Au(111)

Chong Chen, Hongqian Sang, Pengcheng Ding, Ye Sun, Manuela Mura, Ying Hu, Lev Nohimovich Kantorovitch, Flemming Besenbaher, Miao Yu

Hydrocarbon decomposition kinetics on Ir(111) surface

Holly Alexandra Tetlow, Davide Curcio, Alessandro Baraldi, Lev Nohimovich Kantorovitch




Large-Scale Description of Interacting One-Dimensional Bose Gases:

Benjamin Doyon, Jerome Dubail, Robert Konik, Takato Yoshimura

Analysis and modelling of a 9.3?€kyr palaeoflood record

Annette Witt, Bruce D. Malamud, Clara Mangili, Achim Brauer

Mechanistic insight into the assembly of the HerA-NurA helicase-nuclease DNA end resection complex

Zainab Ahdash, Andy M Lau, Robert Thomas Byrne, Katja Lammens, Alexandra Stüetzer, Henning Urlaub, Paula J Booth, Eamonn Reading, Karl-Peter Hopfner, Argyris Politis

Cucurbit[7]uril as a Supramolecular Artificial Enzyme for Diels-Alder Reactions

Aniello Palma, Markus Artelsmair, Guanglu Wu, Xiaoyong Lu, Steven J. Barrow, Najib Uddin, Edina Rosta, Eric Masson, Oren A. Scherman

Insights into functions of the H channel of cytochrome c oxidase from atomistic molecular dynamics simulations

Vivek Sharma, Pablo G. Jambrina, Markus Kaukonen, Edina Rosta, Peter R. Rich

The magnetic, electrical and structural properties of copper-permalloy alloys

Makram A. Qader, Alena Vishina, Lei Yu, Cougar Garcia, R. K. Singh, N. D. Rizzo, Mengchu Huang, Ralph Chamberlin, K. D. Belashchenko, Mark van Schilfgaarde, N. Newman

Fire activity in Borneo driven by industrial land conversion and drought during El Niño periods, 1982–2010

Sean Sloan, Bruno Locatelli, Martin J. Wooster, David L.A. Gaveau



Global Hotspots of Conflict Risk between Food Security and Biodiversity Conservation

Amy Molotoks, Terence Peter Dawson

Functional Mapping of the N-terminal Arginine Cluster and C-terminal Acidic Residues of Kir6.2 channel Fused to a G Protein-Coupled Receptor

Maria A. Principalli, Laura Lemel, Anaëlle Rongier, Anne-Claire Godet, Karla Langer, Jean Revilloud, Leonardo Darré, Carmen Domene, Michel Vivaudou, Christophe J. Moreau

Peptide dimerization-dissociation rates from replica exchange molecular dynamics

Cathal T. Leahy, Adam Kells, Gerhard Hummer, Nicolae-Viorel Buchete, Edina Rosta

Spontaneous Emission inside a Hyperbolic Metamaterial Waveguide

Diane J. Roth, Alexey V. Krasavin, Alexander Wade, Wayne Dickson, Antony Murphy, Stéphane Kéna-Cohen, Robert Pollard, Gregory A. Wurtz, David Richards, Stefan A. Maier, Anatoly V. Zayats



Cell reprogramming modelled as transitions in a hierarchy of cell cycles

Ryan Michael Hannam, Alessia Annibale, Reimer Kuehn

Application of machine learning in prediction of hydrotrope-enhanced solubilisation of indomethacin

Safa A. Damiati, Luigi G. Martini, Norman W. Smith, Jayne Lawrence, David J. Barlow

Diffusion and signatures of localization in stochastic conformal field theory

Denis Bernard, Benjamin Doyon

An engineered photoswitchable mammalian pyruvate kinase

Stefanie Gehrig, Jamie A. Macpherson, Paul C. Driscoll, Alastair Symon, Stephen R. Martin, James I. MacRae, Jens Kleinjung, Franca Fraternali, Dimitrios Anastasiou

Factorial and response surface designs robust to missing observations

Marcelo A. da Silva, Steven G. Gilmour, Luzia A. Trinca

Cell reprogramming modelled as transitions in a hierarchy of cell cycles

Ryan Michael Hannam, Alessia Annibale, Reimer Kuehn

Defects in the Tri-critical Ising model

Isao Makabe, Gerard M T Watts

Approaches for synergistically exploiting VIIRS I- and M-Band data in regional active fire detection and FRP assessment: A demonstration with respect to agricultural residue burning in Eastern China

Tianran Zhang, Martin J. Wooster, Weidong Xu

Two-dimensional pulse propagation without anomalous dispersion

Carl M. Bender, Francisco J. Rodríguez-Fortuno, Sarben Sarkar, Anatoly Zayats

Titanium Oxynitride Thin Films with Tunable Double Epsilon-Near-Zero Behavior for Nanophotonic Applications

Laurentiu Braic, Nikolaos Vasilantonakis, Andrei Mihai, Ignacio Jose Villar Garcia, Sarah Fearn, Bin Zou, Neil Mc N. Alford, Brock Doiron, Rupert F. Oulton, Stefan A. Maier, Anatoly V. Zayats, Peter K. Petrov

Self-Assembled Silver–Germanium Nanolayer Metamaterial with the Enhanced Nonlinear Response

Tomasz Stefaniuk, Nicolas Olivier, Alessandro Belardini, Cillian P. T. McPolin, Concita Sibilia, Aleksandra A. Wronkowska, Andrzej Wronkowski, Tomasz Szoplik, Anatoly V. Zayats



Evaluating the Difficulty involved in Designing Small Molecule Drugs to Inhibit Protein-Protein Interactions

David John Barlow, Delaram Ahmadi

Replica analysis of overfitting in regression models for time-to-event data

ACC Coolen, JE Barrett, P Paga, C J Perez-Vicente

Large deviations of the finite-time magnetization of the Curie-Weiss random-field Ising model

Pierre Paga, Reimer Kühn

Integrating Modelling Approaches for Understanding Telecoupling

James David Anthony Millington, Hang Xiong, Steve Peterson, Jeremy Woods

Hydrogen embrittlement I.

Ivaylo H. Katsarov, Dimitar L. Pashov, Anthony T. Paxton

Hot-Electron Effects in Plasmonics and Plasmonic Materials

Anatoly V. Zayats, Stefan Maier



P 011 – Mycosporine-like amino acid activation of the Keap1-Nrf2 pathway

Ranko Gacesa, David Barlow, Walter Dunlap, Nikolaos Georgakopoulos, Geoffrey Wells, Paul Long

Relative Complexity of Random Walks in Random Scenery in the absence of a weak invariance principle for the local times

Georgios Deligiannidis, Zemer Kosloff

Dynamics of hard rods with initial domain wall state

Benjamin Doyon, Herbert Spohn

Diagrammatic Monte Carlo approach for diagrammatic extensions of dynamical mean-field theory

Jan Gukelberger, Evgeny Kozik, Hartmut Hafermann

Controlling Feynman diagrammatic expansions

Wei Wu, Michel Ferrero, Antoine Georges, Evgeny Kozik

Theoretical evaluation of the role of crystal defects on local equilibrium and effective diffusivity of hydrogen in iron

David Bombac, Ivaylo Hristov Katsarov, Dimitar Lyubomirov Pashov, Anthony Thomas Paxton

Tracking Nanoelectrochemistry Using Individual Plasmonic Nanocavities

di Martino, V. A. Turek, A. Lombardi, I. Szabo, B. de Nijs, A. Kuhn, E. Rosta, J. J. Baumberg

Statistical physics approaches to subnetwork dynamics in biochemical systems

Barbara Bravi, Peter Kurt Sollich



Expectation values of twist fields and universal entanglement saturation of the free massive boson

Benjamin Doyon, Olivier Blondeau-Fournier

Spontaneous emission in non-local materials

Pavel Ginzburg, Diane J Roth, Mazhar E Nasir, Paulina Segovia, Alexey V Krasavin, James Levitt, Liisa M Hirvonen, Brian Wells, Klaus Suhling, David Richards, Viktor A Podolskiy, Anatoly V Zayats

Density matrices in full configuration interaction quantum Monte Carlo

S. Blunt, George H. Booth, Ali Alavi

Accurate Interatomic Force Fields via Machine Learning with Covariant Kernels

Aldo Glielmo, Peter Kurt Sollich, Alessandro De Vita



Universality of the third-order phase transition in the constrained Coulomb gas

Pierpaolo Vivo, Paolo Facchi, Fabio Deelan Cunden, Marilena Ligabo’

Spectroscopic Fingerprints of Carbon Monomers and Dimers on Ir(111)

Francesco Presel, Cristian A. Tache, Holly Tetlow, Davide Curcio, Paolo Lacovig, Lev Kantorovich, Silvano Lizzit, Alessandro Baraldi

A comparison between quantum chemistry and quantum Monte Carlo techniques for the adsorption of water on the (001) LiH surface

Theodoros Tsatsoulis, Felix Hummel, Denis Usvyat, Martin Schütz, George H. Booth, Simon S. Binnie, Michael J. Gillan, Dario Alfè, Angelos Michaelides, Andreas Grüneis

Major advances in geostationary fire radiative power (FRP) retrieval over Asia and Australia stemming from use of Himarawi-8 AHI

Weidong Xu, Martin J. Wooster, Takayuki Kaneko, Jiangping He, Tianran Zhang, Daniel Fisher



A note on generalized hydrodynamics: inhomogeneous fields and other concepts

Benjamin Doyon, Takato Yoshimura

Nonequilibrium generalised Langevin equation for the calculation of heat transport properties in model 1D atomic chains coupled to two 3D thermal baths

Ness, L. Stella, C. D. Lorenz, L. Kantorovich

Partition-free theory of time-dependent current correlations in nanojunctions in response to an arbitrary time-dependent bias

Michael Ridley, Angus MacKinnon, Lev Kantorovich

Projector Quantum Monte Carlo Method for Nonlinear Wave Functions

Lauretta R. Schwarz, A. Alavi, George H. Booth

Synthetic lethal interaction between the tumour suppressor STAG2 and its paralog STAG1.

Francesca Donatella Ciccarelli, Lorena Gabriela Benedetti, Matteo Cereda, LeeAnn Monteverde, Nikita Hiren Desai

Mapping the conformational free energy of aspartic acid in the gas phase and in aqueous solution

Federico Comitani, Kevin Rossi, Michele Ceriotti, Maria Eugenia Sanz Gonzalez, Carla Molteni

Optimal design of experiments on connected units with application to social networks

Ben M. Parker, Steven G. Gilmour, John Alexander Schormans



Retrieving infinite numbers of patterns in a spin-glass model of immune networks

Elena Agliari, Alessia Annibale, Adriano Barra, Anthonius Clara Caspar Coolen, Daniele Tantari

On the hydration and conformation of cocaine in solution

Richard J. Gillams, Chris Lorenz, Sylvia McLain

Aging and linear response in the Hébraud-Lequeux model for amorphous rheology

Peter Sollich, Julien Olivier, Didier Bresch

Melting of large Pt@MgO(1 0 0) icosahedra

Rossi, T. Ellaby, L. O. Paz-Borbón, I. Atanasov, L. Pavan, F. Baletto

Membrane Phase-Dependent Occlusion of Intramolecular GLUT1 Cavities Demonstrated by Simulations

Javier Iglesias-Fernandez, Peter J. Quinn, Richard J. Naftalin, Carmen Domene

Generating random networks and graphs

Anthonius Clara Caspar Coolen, Alessia Annibale, Ekaterina Roberts

Lateral Casimir Force on a Rotating Particle near a Planar Surface

Alejandro Manjavacas, Francisco Jose Rodriguez Fortuno, F. Javier García De Abajo, Anatoly Zayats

A multi-objective coordinate-exchange two-phase local search algorithm for multi-stratum experiments

Matteo Borrotti, Francesco Sambo, Kalliopi Mylona, Steve Gilmour

Equilibrium and dynamic pleating of a crystalline bonded network

Peter Kurt Sollich

Denial of long-term issues with agriculture on tropical peatlands will have devastating consequences

Lahiru S. Wijedasa, Jyrki Jauhiainen, Mari Könönen, Maija Lampela, Harri Vasander, Marie-Claire Leblanc, Stephanie Evers, Thomas Smith, Catherine M. Yule, Helena Varkkey, Massimo Lupascu, Faizal Parish, Ian Singleton, Gopalasamy R. Clements, Sheema Abdul Aziz, Mark E. Harrison, Susan Cheyne, Gusti Z. Anshari, Erik Meijaard, Jenny E. Goldstein, Susan Waldron, Kristell Hergoualc’h, Rene Dommain, Steve Frolking, Christopher D. Evans, Mary Rose C. Posa, Paul H. Glaser, Nyoman Suryadiputra, Reza Lubis, Truly Santika, Rory Padfield, Sofyan Kurnianto, Panut Hadisiswoyo, Teck Wyn Lim, Susan E. Page, Vincent Gauci, Peter J. Van Der Meer, Helen Buckland, Fabien Garnier, Marshall K. Samuel, Liza Nuriati Lim Kim Choo, Patrick O’Reilly, Matthew Warren, Surin Suksuwan, Elham Sumarga, Anuj Jain, William F. Laurance, John Couwenberg, Hans Joosten, Ronald Vernimmen, Aljosja Hooijer, Chris Malins, Mark A. Cochrane, Balu Perumal, Florian Siegert, Kelvin S.-H. Peh, Louis-Pierre Comeau, Louis Verchot, Charles F. Harvey, Alex Cobb, Zeehan Jaafar, Henk Wösten, Solichin Manuri, Moritz Müller, Wim Giesen, Jacob Phelps, Ding Li Yong, Marcel Silvius, Béatrice M. M. Wedeux, Alison Hoyt, Mitsuru Osaki, Takashi Hirano, Hidenori Takahashi, Takashi S. Kohyama, Akira Haraguchi, Nunung P. Nugroho, David A. Coomes, Le Phat Quoi, Alue Dohong, Haris Gunawan, David L. A. Gaveau, Andreas Langner, Felix K. S. Lim, David P. Edwards, Xingli Giam, Guido Van Der Werf, Rachel Carmenta, Caspar C. Verwer, Luke Gibson, Laure Gandois, Laura Linda Bozena Graham, Jhanson Regalino, Serge A. Wich, Jack Rieley, Nicholas Kettridge, Chloe Brown, Romain Pirard, Sam Moore, B. Ripoll Capilla, Uwe Ballhorn, Hua Chew Ho, Agata Hoscilo, Sandra Lohberger, Theodore A. Evans, Nina Yulianti, Grace Blackham, Onrizal [Unknown], Simon Husson, Daniel Murdiyarso, Sunita Pangala, Lydia E. S. Cole, Luca Tacconi, Hendrik Segah, Prayoto Tonoto, Janice S. H. Lee, Gerald Schmilewski, Stephan Wulffraat, Erianto Indra Putra, Megan E. Cattau, R. S. Clymo, Ross Morrison, Aazani Mujahid, Jukka Miettinen, Soo Chin Liew, Samu Valpola, David Wilson, Laura D’Arcy, Michiel Gerding, Siti Sundari, Sara A. Thornton, Barbara Kalisz, Stephen J. Chapman, Ahmad Suhaizi Mat Su, Imam Basuki, Masayuki Itoh, Carl Traeholt, Sean Sloan, Alexander K. Sayok, Roxane Andersen

Anti-folate receptor-α IgE but not IgG recruits macrophages to attack tumors via TNFa/MCP-1 signaling

Debra H. Josephs, Heather J. Bax, Tihomir Dodev, Mirella Georgouli, Mano Nakamura, Giulia Pellizzari, Louise Saul, Panagiotis Karagiannis, Anthony Cheung, Cecilia Herraiz, Kristina M. Ilieva, Isabel Correa, Matthew Fittall, Silvia Crescioli, Patrycja Gazinska, Natalie Woodman, Silvia Mele, Giulia Chiaruttini, Amy E. Gilbert, Alexander Koers, Marguerite Bracher, Christopher Selkirk, Heike Lentfer, Claire Barton, Elliott Lever, Gareth Muirhead, Sophia Tsoka, Silvana Canevari, Mariangela Figini, Ana Montes, Noel Downes, David Dombrowicz, Christopher J. Corrigan, Andrew J. Beavil, Frank O. Nestle, Paul S. Jones, Hannah J. Gould, Victoria Sanz-Moreno, Philip J. Blower, James F. Spicer, Sophia N. Karagiannis



Controlling second-harmonic generation at the nanoscale with monolithic AlGaAs-on-AlOx antennas

Carletti, D. Rocco, A. Locatelli, C. De Angelis, V. F. Gili, M. Ravaro, I. Favero, G. Leo, M. Finazzi, L. Ghirardini, M. Celebrano, G. Marino, A. V. Zayats

Conformational Flexibility of Limonene Oxide Studied By Microwave Spectroscopy

Donatella Loru, María Mar Quesada-Moreno, Juan Ramón Avilés-Moreno, Natasha Jarman, Thérèse R. Huet, Juan Jesús López-González, M. Eugenia Sanz

Eigenvector statistics of the product of Ginibre matrices

Zdzislaw Burda, Bartłomiej Spisak, Pierpaolo Vivo

Unravelling the Roles of Size, Ligands, and Pressure in the Piezochromic Properties of CdS Nanocrystals

Niccolo R. C. Corsini, Nicholas D. M. Hine, Peter D. Haynes, Carla Molteni



Inferring hidden states in Langevin dynamics on large networks: Average case performance

Barbara Bravi, M. Opper, P. Sollich

Stochastic evolution in populations of ideas

Robin Nicole, Peter Sollich, Tobias Galla

Quantification of fibrous spatial point patterns from single-molecule localization microscopy (SMLM) data

Ruby Peters, Marta Benthem Muñiz, Juliette Griffié, David J Williamson, George W Ashdown, Christian D Lorenz, Dylan M Owen

Path integral methods for the dynamics of stochastic and disordered systems

John A. Hertz, Yasser Roudi, Peter Sollich

Partition-free approach to open quantum systems in harmonic environments:

G.M.G McCaul, C.D Lorenz, L. Kantorovitch

Self-energies in itinerant magnets

Lorenzo Sponza, Paolo Pisanti, Alena Vishina, Dimitar Pashov, Cedric Weber, Mark Van Schilfgaarde, Swagata Acharya, Julien Vidal, Gabriel Kotliar

The use of biweight mid correlation to improve graph based portfolio construction

Patrick Veenstra, Colin Cooper, Steve Phelps

Spectral clustering using the kNN-MST similarity graph

Patrick Veenstra, Colin Cooper, Steve Phelps

Modulating the oxidation of cucurbit[n]urils

Jade McCune, Edina Rosta, Oren A Scherman

A free energy study of carbon clusters on Ir(111)

Tetlow, I. J. Ford, L. Kantorovich

What controls the critical temperature of high temperature copper oxide superconductors:

Cedric Weber

Fluctuations and Shape of Cooperative Rearranging Regions in Glass-Forming Liquids

Giulio Biroli, Chiara Cammarota

Surface Accessibility and Dynamics of Macromolecular Assemblies Probed by Covalent Labeling Mass Spectrometry and Integrative Modeling

Carla Schmidt, James MacPherson, Andy Man Chung Lau, Ken Wei Tan, Franca Fraternali, Anargyros Politis

Efficient Switches in Biology and Computer Science

Luca Cardelli, Rosa D. Hernansaiz-Ballesteros, Neil Dalchau, Attila Csikász-Nagy

Mapping the global state of invasive alien species: patterns of invasion and policy responses

Anna Julie Turbelin, Bruce Douglas Malamud, Robert Aaron Francis