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The Technology, Ethics, Law and Society (TELOS), conference aims to explore the relationship between private law and the potentially disruptive emergence of new technologies.

Existing private law needs to adapt and respond to the challenges posed by the new ‘digital’ world, which consists of but isn’t limited to, new products, markets and market players.

The digital challenges up for discussion include commercialisation of consumers’ data, artificial intelligence liability, targeted advertising or dark patterns. These are all some of the phenomena that challenge the existing approaches taken by traditional private law.

Join us for this two day conference where these issues and more will be discussed in greater depth.

Event Schedule

Thursday 20 April 2023

09.00 – Welcome

  • Professor Dan Hunter, Executive Dean of The Dickson Poon School of Law, King’s College London
  • Dr Mateja Durovic,  Co-Director of the Centre for Technology, Ethics, Law and Society (TELOS), King’s College London

09.05 - Keynote speech

  • Professor Dan Hunter, Executive Dean of The Dickson Poon School of Law, King’s College London

09.30 - Lawyering, challenges and new technologies

  • The private codification of public law: technology and the 21st Century lawyer - Professor Andrew Murray (London School of Economics) 
  • The technological efficiency of law - Professor Francisco de Elizalde (IE School of Law)
  • The new update obligations for smart products: What are the issues? - Professor Andre Janssen (Radboud University)

10.45 - Break 

11.00 - AI and private law

  • The AI Liability Puzzle: the role of the revised Product Liability Directive and its implications beyond - Professor, Teresa Rodríguez de las Heras Ballell 
  • The Private Governance of Artificial Intelligence: EU Perspectives - Professor Cristina Poncibo (University of Turin) 
  • Consumer Insurance and AI - Professor Ozlem Gurses (King's College London) 
  • Harmful but not liable? Damages claims against AI systems - Giulia Gentile, (London School of Economics)
  • Authorship, Legal Personality and Artificial Intelligence - Dr Dino Gliha, Qi Project 

13.15 - Lunch break

14.15 - Data, advertising and new technology

  • Undisclosed social media advertising as a systemic risk under the Digital Services Act - Professor Catalina Goanta, University of Utrecht
  • Contract or consent for online advertising? A meta dilemma in the Irish DPC decision on Meta  - Professor Lilian Mitrou (University of the Agean)  and Vassilis Karkatzounis
  • Harmonizing Digital Contract Law after DCD and SGD  - Professor Alberto De Franceschi (University of Ferrera)
  • The Trend Towards Personalizing Private Law - Professor Antonios Karampatzos, National & Kapodistrian (University of Athens)

15.45 - Break 

16:00 - Conflict of law, liability, data sharing and new technologies

  • Extraterritorial jurisdiction and world-wide injunctions - Professor Julia Hornle (Queen Mary University)
  • The Rule Design in Cross border Personal Data Transfer: between Regulation and Market - Chen Lei
  • The Principle of FRAND in B2B Data Sharing - Professor Marco Botta (European University Institute)
  • Is It Another Lehman Brothers? The Protection of Domestic and Offshore Investors in China’s Evergrande Debt Crisis - Dr Lerong Lu (King's College London)
  • The role of technical rules and standards in liability for operations of Unmanned Aerial Systems - Professor Michael Chatzipanagiotis (University of Cyprus)

18.00 - End of Day 1


Friday 21 April 2023

09.30 - Keynote speech 2

  • Private Law and Technology: Beyond Fire-Fighting and Fanning the Flames? Professor Roger Brownsword- (King's College London)

10.10 - Break

10.25 - Consumer law and new technologies

  • Why privacy is important to consumers - Professor Jan Trzaskowski (Copenhagen Business School)
  • Aggressive practices in the digital market: A review of the changing EU consumer law landscape - Dr Eleni Kaprou (Queen Mary University of London) 
  • "Ctrl+Alt+Del: Restarting Consumer Law in the Digital Age" - Professor Monika Namyslowska (University of Lodz)
  • A consumer right to cybersecurity - Andreas Kotsios (Uppsala University)
  • Sticky Property Law - Dr Yael Lifshitz (King's College London)

12.10 - Lunch break

12.50 - Smart technology, blockchain and private law

  • Algorithmic contract formation: what's new that makes it different now? - Professor Maria Luisa Mena Duran (CEU Cardinal Herrera University)
  • International Sale of Goods in the Era of Blockchain - Dr Soterios Loizou (King's College London)
  • Smart Contract Bankruptcy - Professor Michael Schillig (King's College London)
  • Me, my smartphone and the new European consumer contract law - Professor Karin Sein (University of Tartu)
  • Use of EnfTech in Consumer law Enforcement - Professor Christine Riefa and Liz Cool (University of Reading)

14:30 - Concluding remarks 

  • Dr Mateja Durovic, Co-Director, TELOS (King's College London)

At this event

Mateja Durovic

Professor of Law and Technology

Dan Hunter

Executive Dean, The Dickson Poon School of Law

Özlem  Gürses

Professor of Commercial Law

Senior Lecturer in Property Law

Soterios Loizou

Senior Lecturer in Commercial Law

Event details

Great Hall
Strand Campus
Strand, London, WC2R 2LS