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Five minutes with... Dulcie

For this year's International Day of the Midwife, we've chatted with Dulcie Robinson, a student midwife at King's. Dulcie talks about why she wants to be a midwife, her role as Academic Rep and her time at King's.

Dulcie Robinson, midwifery student

Describe your role as an Academic Representative in one sentence.

Essentially, I’m a spokesperson for my cohort and function as the main point of communication between students and faculty.

My favourite thing about being an Academic Representative is... 

I’m a bit weird in that I sort of love admin stuff. I love being involved with the inner workings of the university system, being able to take part in meetings and committees to advocate for my peers and then relaying important information back to my cohort.

What is one thing everyone should know about midwives?

It’s definitely not all about catching babies and we rarely have time for tea and cake!

What's your favourite thing about your course?

I think my favourite part of placement is the connection that you get to make with the families you look after; knowing the impact you’ve had in giving them a positive pregnancy, birth and recovery is incomparable.

My favourite part of the academic side would have to be the discussions that we get to have. In Foundations of Midwifery Practice for example we’ve been able to debate issues from different ethical standpoints which I found riveting.

What do you do to switch off from your course?

I’m a serial hobbyist so every few weeks I have a different way to unwind; sometimes it’s baking, sometimes it’s crocheting and sometimes it’s writing.

Why do you want to work as a midwife?

There are so many reasons why I want to be a midwife, but my origin story lies with my nan. She had a very rewarding career as a care assistant but always regretted not retraining as a midwife. She spoke with such passion, care, and advocacy that the same dream was inspired in me.

I chose to study at King's because...

I applied to King’s on a whim because of its reputation with nursing and midwifery, but I didn’t believe I would get in. I think my decision to go to King’s was made during my interview. I interviewed with my current head of year, and it felt more like an academic discussion fuelled by a mutual passion for midwifery than an interview - and that was the kind of atmosphere that I wanted to be a part of.

My proudest achievement at King’s has been…

I’ve been able to do many amazing things during my first year including contributing to important changes with the faculty and self-improvement, but I think the thing I’m most proud of is the feedback I received from service users in my MORA document. After some very hard shifts, hearing that positive feedback makes it all worth it. I’m even tempted to frame it once my degree is over!

Right now, my biggest wish is…

To continue on my self-improvement journey, to graduate with a well-rounded experience and a first class degree.

If I could meet my future self, I’d expect them to be…

I like to imagine that I will be a qualified midwife, fuelled by a continued passion in the field and hopefully continuing academically to PhD level.

What advice would you give to future midwifery students at the Faculty?

Take every opportunity that you can. I’ve been able to take part in so many enriching extracurricular’s that have made me a better student and, I hope, a better midwife. Although on the flip side, make sure that you don’t overload yourself and make sure you take some you time.

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