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Student enterprise

Many of our students have founded start-up companies with unique products some of which are featured below.

If you would like any other information about working with academics or students from the Department of Informatics on projects which develop our enterprise, innovation and entrepreneurship agenda, then please contact the College's dedicated innovation team on


Deepfinity LTD

Deepfinity is an industry leader in AI and automation for Prop-tech. Our ethos is to automate day to day tasks with cutting edge technologies to enable businesses to transition their workforce from maintenance to innovative work. Parcel Tracker is our flagship product; it’s an internal parcel tracking software that automatically notifies recipients and captures e-signatures for proof-of-pickup/delivery.


FusionCloud is a hosted platform that provides services to web developers and personal users. The most prominent use case is that of accelerating web application development. The platform offers data storage, authentication, registration, notification transport, API (Application Programming Interface) mediation via a simple HTTP interface. The functionality provided by FusionCloud makes up the fundamental building blocks of modern web application development and therefore providing them as a service greatly reduces the workload for developers.


Targetz is a mobile application that enables professionals to find a job, post a job, look for new customers or connect with like-minded professionals, locally. It’s the first professional networking platform that connects people based on their professional targets, rather than their business profiles. Targetz analyses your objectives and matches them to everyone around you, in real-time. If it finds a match (someone who provides something you are looking for), it will notify you (and the other user) through a message on your phone. You can then check their profile and decide if you want to act upon the match.


Listle is a mobile application that features daily news and top stories in podcast form with human-read audio. Instead of staying static and reading blogs or news articles on your computer, why not discover the most interesting articles on the internet while you commute, run or cook? Get in touch with the team to let them know what article you’d like to have turned into audio:





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