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Anna Muchiewicz ;

King's Changemakers: Anna

King’s Changemakers
Anna Muchiewicz

3rd Year Molecular Genetics student, Faculty of Life Sciences and Medicine

22 August 2023

Meet Anna, a third-year Molecular Genetics student and one of seven King's students participating in Changemakers (now Gamechangers), an internship with a difference, where students are paid to find, develop and launch an idea into the world.

About me

Hi, I’m Anna, a 3rd year Molecular Genetics student. I’m passionate about biotech and synthetic biology, which for me means being able to influence peoples’ health and quality of life, whilst addressing challenges surrounding agriculture or food production. I really care about animal welfare and the alarming rate in which we are consuming meat. There are many adverse effects of this, not just on the planet. Eating cheaply produced meat can have a profound effect on our health too, including the development of autoimmune disorders and hormonal imbalances.


Idea and Inspiration

For me, an entrepreneur is a creator. Someone who positively influences the world and creates solutions to problems, which are profitable, sustainable and benefit the environment. I’m working to create tasty and healthy diary-free protein products, to act as a fast and healthy meal replacement and an alternative source of amino acid without meat. I’m very excited to be working on this idea as it’s something I really care about.



I’ve always been a very reflective, observant and inward-focused person and often notice when things can be improved. When my energy is right, I have some pretty awesome ideas! Recently I read an interview in which a founder said that the ‘idea’ is only 10% of a start-up’s success, the rest is consistency and hard work.

Thanks to participation in the Changemaker programme I’ve had the opportunity to learn about the essential steps to develop an idea, such as validation, creating an MVP (minimum viable product) and a website.

I’ve really enjoyed it and look forward to seeing what it brings next. I’ve learnt a variety of skills and have particularly enjoyed the 1:1 meetings with the EI’s Experts in Residence, where I could talk about the practical aspects of launching my product. It’s helped me to feel like it’s achievable and could become a reality.


Entrepreneurial skills

When thinking about the Seven Skills of an Entrepreneurial Mindset, I can say I’ve definitely developed the ‘Compel’ skill the most. It was obvious to me why people needed my product, but a lot of people don’t think like me, so it’s important that I’m able to clearly explain my idea and the need for it. Talking in a concise and understandable way is something I’ve always struggled with. Learning this skill will be invaluable to my professional life and studies, but also when pitching my product to investors in the future.


Top tips

Reach out the EI for an Idea Feedback session! This is the best thing you can do. Even better, do some validation before you do it. You need to stay flexible and focused on the problem and NEVER on the solution you think people need. This might be a more philosophical lesson, but being an entrepreneur really requires you to step into other people’s shoes and see the world from their perspective. Only then can you see if your idea has the potential to succeed and really deliver.



King’s Changemakers (now Gamechangers) is an internship with a difference. Instead of working for someone else, students are paid to find, develop and launch an idea into the world. The solution might be an idea for a new business, a non-for-profit or a community project. The nine-week initiative, run by the Entrepreneurship Institute (EI), gives King’s students from a widening participation background the chance to work on a problem they’re passionate about solving. This is part of the EI’s commitment to breaking down the barriers to entrepreneurship.

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King’s Changemakers

King's Changemakers (now Gamechangers) is an internship with a difference. Instead of working for someone else, students are paid to find, develop and launch an idea into the world. We…

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