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Sonia Ubong ;

King's Changemakers: Sonia

King’s Changemakers
Sonia Ubong

Final year Medical student, Faculty of Life Sciences & Medicine

08 August 2023

Meet Sonia, a final year Medical student and one of seven King's students participating in Changemakers, a new internship with a difference, where students are paid to find, develop and launch an idea into the world.

About me

Hi, my name is Sonia. My journey in medicine has always been intertwined with a deep interest in technology. I am intrigued by surgery, fem tech and other areas of female and sexual health. In this digital age, where screens have become our constant companions, I’m passionate about creating ways to communicate more effectively and more humanely.

I see entrepreneurship as revitalising and infusing life into processes, ideas and systems. I’m deeply inspired by Arlan Hamilton, an investor and the founder of Backstage Capital, whose perseverance and determination to challenge traditional systems resonates with me. I’m drawn to change-makers like her who navigate uncharted waters and see opportunities where others see barriers.

My aspirations are not just limited to becoming a Doctor, but extending that role to be an innovator, communicator and an entrepreneur in my own right, using medicine as my foundational tool to impact the world.


Idea and Inspiration

I care deeply about the growing disconnect people experience in their personal lives, often manifesting as a lack of genuine intimacy or understanding of one’s own desires and boundaries. In a world full of influencers, filters, and often unattainable standards, many find it hard to truly connect with themselves, let alone others.

I’m currently working on ‘Intima’, a digital platform tailored to redefine the contemporary understanding of intimacy. It’s inspired by a mixture of personal experiences, conversations, and the glaring gap in today’s digital age – the need for authentic, deeper connections. Through ‘Intima’ I am to offer a solution, giving individuals the tools to understand, embrace and communicate their needs, desires, and boundaries; whilst providing a space to embark on a journey of self-discovery, leading to healthier, more satisfying interpersonal relationships.



I applied to be part of Changemakers because I was eager to immerse myself amongst like-minded individuals. I saw Changemakers as an opportunity to learn, grow and draw inspiration from a community of passionate and driven individuals.

Venturing into the entrepreneurial domain felt like stepping into unchartered territory. The landscape was entirely unfamiliar and at times, overwhelming. The guidance provided by the programme has helped me to navigate what initially felt like a sea of chaos.

What’s genuinely surprised me about the programme is the level of self-reflection I have nudged into. It’s been less about skimming the surface and more about diving deep, compelling me to ask the challenging ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ about my motives, strengths, and weaknesses. Gaining a better understanding of myself has made the foundational ethos behind ‘Intima’ become even clearer. If we’re to improve how people communicate and connect, it’s imperative to first understand oneself, just as my Changemaker journey has encouraged me to do.


Entrepreneurial skills

Of all the Seven Skills of an Entrepreneurial Mindset, the skill I’ve developed most during the programme is undoubtedly ‘Validation’. It’s moved beyond simply recognising an issue, to rigorously confirming its significance and the imperative of addressing it. In future studies and ventures, the essence of tackling only those ‘problems worth solving’ will guide my decision-making process. Instead of merely jumping on trends, I’ll delve deeper, ensuring that the issue at hand genuinely demands attention.


Top tips

The importance of simply talking about your idea cannot be overstated. Start by initiating conversations. Share it, refine it, and bounce it off different minds. We live in an era brimming with information and a myriad of perspectives; a casual chat with someone might just provide the insight or spark you're seeking – it might just lead you to the Entrepreneurship Institute like it did for me.


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King’s Changemakers is an internship with a difference. Instead of working for someone else, students are paid to find, develop and launch an idea into the world. The solution might be an idea for a new business, a non-for-profit or a community project. The nine-week initiative, run by the Entrepreneurship Institute (EI), gives King’s students from a widening participation background the chance to work on a problem they’re passionate about solving. This is part of the EI’s commitment to breaking down the barriers to entrepreneurship.

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King’s Changemakers

King's Changemakers is an internship with a difference. Instead of working for someone else, students are paid to find, develop and launch an idea into the world. We caught up with this…

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