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Transnational Law Institute hosts inaugural London Roundtable

Transnational Private Law Theory: Perspectives on Research & Teaching 

The Dickson Poon School of Law’s Transnational Law Institute hosted its first London Roundtable on 14 & 15 November 2014.  In cooperation with the Centre for Transnational Studies at the University of Bremen in Germany, scholars met to discuss and debate Transnational Private Law Theory: Perspectives on Research and Teaching. 

What is transnational law? What does it mean to research and teach transnational law as private lawyers? And how can engagement with the broader social theory debates over globalisation enrich this study of transnational law?  The Roundtable brought together legal and political science scholars from universities in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands to consider these questions. Over two days of presentations and discussion, participants shared their experience of teaching and researching  a broad range of private law fields. 

Dr Dionysia Katelouzou, one of the panellists, said; ‘The roundtable touched on many interesting topics from “traditional” transnational private law topics, such as lex mercatoria and commercial arbitration to emerging fields of transnational law, such as corporate governance, competition law and transnational human rights, while it also looked at the development of teachable modules drawing on interdisciplinary and experiential learning. 

It is hard to choose which of the many exciting research projects, working articles and curriculum developments to particularly mention. But to me perhaps the most stimulating part of the roundtable was learning, sharing and exploring what the whole group of participants envisages as the future trajectory of research in transnational private law’. 

Allowing for a lively and rich conversation, participants discussed their research projects with an eye open to reflections on methodology and teaching.  Professor Maleiha Malik, who attended the Roundtable, said; ‘The Inaugural Transnational Private Law Roundtable assembled scholars and graduate students in engaged lively discussions. The informal roundtable format ensured that graduate students were integrated into discussions. A particular highlight were the sessions on bringing transnational law 'into the classroom' which provided a much needed forum for discussing teaching challenges as well as exchanging best practice.’

The London Roundtable is the first-ever association of private law scholars with a particular interest in contract, company, labour, commercial arbitration law or securities regulation from a distinctly transnational perspective. Throughout the year, the London Roundtable will host workshops and seminars that explore the changing dynamics between state regulation and markets’ self-regulation through codes of conduct, best practices and guidelines.

The agenda and report for the Roundtable can be found here.

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