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Deposit in Pure for REF2021

Publication records on Pure

To make a journal article or conference proceeding eligible for REF2021:

  1. Create a record on Pure when it is accepted for publication. Pure records must be created within 90 days of this acceptance date (usually the date you received your acceptance date from your publisher). 
  2. In almost all cases you must then upload the ‘Author’s Accepted Manuscript’ version of the paper to the record (only occasionally is the publisher's final version permitted by the publisher) setting an embargo as needed. To do so, follow the steps below. For a definition of Author's Accepted Manuscript and other related terms, see our Glossary.

Check for your publication on Pure

  • Log in to Pure ( using your King’s username and password.
  • A record may already exist for your paper. Check by entering the paper's title in the 'Search for research output..." field on the bar at top of the Pure home page.
  • If there is a record for your research output on Pure, ensure that it includes a complete acceptance date in the 'Accepted/In Press' field. If the ‘Author’s Accepted Manuscript’ version has not been uploaded, upload it as outlined below. Please correct any errors or omissions or, if the record doesn't permit changes, contact outlining the necessary corrections.
  • If no record is present, it is necessary to manually create one. Accuracy is very helpful but records will be checked by the Research Support team.

Create a publication record on Pure

  • Click the green ‘Add New’ button in the top right and select the appropriate research output type.
  • Complete the mandatory fields (those marked with an asterisk, including the title and the name of the journal). Make sure to add the full date of Acceptance ('Acceptance/In Press', in DD/MM/YYYY format):

    Add Publication State
  • Feel free to add information to non-mandatory fields too (i.e. abstract).
  • Adding King's co-authors will be helpful and may reduce the chance of duplicate records being created. If there are multiple versions of a co-author, check their email address and/or department.

Upload your full text to the publication record

  • Click on 'Add electronic version (file, DOI, or link)...' button:

    Add Electronic Version
    Click on 'Upload an electronic version'.
  • Check which version of your work can be uploaded. You must abide by the publisher's requirements when uploading full text to Pure. For journal articles, Sherpa Romeo information about publishers' policies is available on the right of the upload box in most cases.
  • Drag and drop or browse to find the appropriate version of the file.
  • Set 'Document version' appropriately (in most cases it will be the Author's Accepted Manuscript):

    Document Version
  • Set 'Access to electronic version' appropriately. If your paper has not yet been published, please set the embargo start date to run from the acceptance date (or if you have it, the date of first e-publication). We will ensure this is set correctly on or around publication if necessary. If you are unsure whether a publisher needs an embargo, or about the length of an embargo, set it for one month from date of upload and the Research Support team will check this.
  • Click 'Create'
  • 'Save' the article record.
  • Research Support will check all the details, add a coversheet and validate the record. Once the record is marked as 'Validated' it can no longer be deleted, dates cannot be altered (although dates for new publication statuses can be added) and earlier deposited versions of the ‘Author’s Accepted Manuscript’ cannot be removed (though they can be ‘closed’ to leave the correct version accessible). These measures are to ensure records already compliant with the REF2021 open access requirement are not unintentionally rendered non-compliant through loss of data. Validated records can still be edited and we encourage authors to update their Pure records adding volume, issue numbers, pagination and publication dates as these data are released by the publisher.  If a larger change is needed for any reason, please contact

The Pure record will be live on the Research Portal immediately. The full text should only be public if the journal has no embargo period. There is a takedown policy on the Portal in case anyone challenges the copyright status of full text documents.


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