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Maudsley Debates - 41st to 50th

The Maudsley Debates take place three times a year at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience (IoPPN). Topics generally focus on issues that have a direct impact on mental health services, service users and mental health professionals.

50th Maudsley Debate: CBT for psychosis

This house believes that CBT for psychosis has been oversold


Supporting the motion were: 

Dr Peter McKenna, Research Psychiatrist, Barcelona

Professor Keith Laws, Cognitive Neuropsychology, University of Hertfordshire

Speaking against the motion were: 

Professor David Kingdon, Mental Health Care Delivery, University of Southampton

Professor Peter Kinderman, Clinical Psychology, University of Liverpool

Download the 50th Maudsley Debate podcast

49th Maudsley Debate: Sick children or sick society?

What should we make of the seemingly inexorable rise in psychiatric diagnoses in children?

Roundtable discussion:

Claire Fox, Director, Institute of Ideas and regular panellist on The Moral Maze, Radio 4.

Rowenna Davis, Journalist, social and political commentator

Simon Baron-Cohen, Professor of Developmental Psychology, University of Cambridge

Stephen Scott, Professor of Child Health and Behaviour, Institute of Psychiatry and Head of National Conduct Problems Clinic, SLAM

Ken McLaughlin, Senior Lecturer, Manchester Metropolitan University and former approved Social Worker

Barbara Sahakian, Professor of Clinical Neuropsychology at the Department of Psychiatry and MRC/Wellcome Trust Behavioural and Clinical Neuroscience Institute, University of Cambridge

Download the 49th Maudsley Debate podcast

48th Maudsley Debate: Enabling or labelling?

This house believes that psychiatric diagnosis has advanced the care of people with mental health problems


Supporting the motion were: 

Professor Norman Sartorius, former president of the World Psychiatric Association

Professor Anthony David, Cognitive Neuropsychiatry, IoPPN

Speaking against the motion were: 

Dr Felicity Callard, Senior Lecturer in Social Science for Medical Humanities, Durham University and Chair of the Board, Mental Disability Advocacy Centre

Dr Pat Bracken, Clinical Director of Mental Health in West Cork and author of "Post- Psychiatry: Mental Health in a Post-Modern World"

Download the 48th Maudsley Debate podcast

47th Maudsley Debate: Risk in psychiatry

This house believes the empahsis on risk in psychiatry serves the interest of neither patients nor the public


Supporting the motion were: 

Dr Matthew Large, University of New South Wales, Sydney

Professor George Szmukler, IoPPN 

Speaking against the motion were: 

Professor John Morgan, Royal College of Psychiatrists

Professor Tom Fahy, IoPPN 

Download the 47th Maudsley Debate podcast

46th Maudsley Debate: The challenge of legal highs

On November 15th the Institute of Ideas and the Institute of Psychiatry collaborated for the first time to create a Debate on the challenges associated with legal highs, novel psychoactive substances and less mainstream drugs.

The police, the parliamentarians, the addictions psychiatrists, the general practitioners, the voluntary sector and the family members of those harmed by these drugs were all represented.

A radical departure from the house style meant that there were five speakers, no polarised speeches and no vote. Despite the absence of a democratic voice the audience took part with gusto.

In the preceding weeks the ban of more synthetic cannabinoids and methoxetamine were announced, along with increased detection of deaths from mephedrone and the appearance of 57 new drugs within 11 months.

Did the panel and audience find solutions to this fast changing situation?

One thing was clear from all present. The continuation of the status quo cannot cope with the growing challenges of what one young journalism student in the audience dubbed a 'drug revolution'.


Supporting the motion were: 

Dr Owen Bowden-Jones, Consultant Psychiatrist and Chair, Faculty of Addictions, Royal College of Psychiatrists

Dr Michael Fitzpatrick, GP; author, The Tyranny of Health: doctors and the regulation of lifestyle and Defeating Austism: a damaging delusion

Speaking against the motion were: 

Tim Hollis, Chief Constable, Humberside Police; chair, ACPO Drugs Committee

Molly Meacher, Chair, All Party Parliamentary Group on Drug Policy Reform; former Chair, East London NHS Foundation Trust

Download the 46th Maudsley Debate podcast

45th Maudsley Debate: 

July 2012

This house believes that cases such as Anders Breivik demonstratethat fanaticism is a form of madness


Supporting the motion were: 

Dr Raj Persaud, Consultant Psychiatrist and Emeritus Visiting Gresham Professor for Public Understanding of Psychiatry

Professor Max Taylor, Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence, St Andrews University

Speaking against the motion were: 

Professor Simon Wessely, Director, King's Centre for Military Health Research, Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London

Maajid Nawaz, Chairman of the counter-extremism think-tank, Quilliam

Download the 45th Maudsley Debate podcast

44th Maudsley Debate: Wake up to the unconscious

March 2012

This house believes that psychoanalysis has a valuable place in modern mental health service


Supporting the motion were: 

Professor Peter Fonagy, Psychoanalyst and Clinical psychologist, UCL

Professor Alessandrea Lemma, Clinical and Counselling Psychologist, Psychoanalyst and a Fellow of the British Psychoanalytical Society

Speaking against the motion were: 

Professor Lewis Wolpert, Emeritus Professor of Biology as Applied to Medicine, UCL

Professor Paul Salkovskis, Clinical Psychology, Oxford University  

Download the 44th Maudsley Debate podcast

43rd Maudsley Debate: Care in the community

This house believes that the closure of psychiatric beds has gone too far


Supporting the motion were: 

Professor Peter Tyrer, Community Psychiatry, Imperial College London

John O’Donoghue

Dr Trevor Turner, General Adult Psychiatrist and Clinical Director, East London and City University Mental Health NHS Trust

Speaking against the motion were: 

Dr Rachel Perkins, Clinical Psychologist

Professor Julian Leff, Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry, UCL

Professor Sonia Johnson, Social and Community Psychiatry, UCL 

Download the 43rd Maudsley Debate podcast

42nd Maudsley Debate: Prudent or paranoid

June 2011

This house believes that child protection has become a form of madness


Supporting the motion were: 

Dr Alain Greggoire, Consultant Psychiatrist 

Simonetta Agnello Hornby, Lawyer, Hornby and Levy Solicitors 

Speaking against the motion were: 

Dr Margaret Spinelli, Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry

Remi Kapo, Author and performing arts director 

Download the 42nd Maudsley Debate podcast

41st Maudsley Debate: Love is a drug

February 2011

This house believes that female sexual arousal disorder is a fabrication


Supporting the motion were: 

Dr Petra Boynton, Non-clinical lecturer in International Health Services Research, University College London

Dr Ben Goldacre, Senior clinical research fellow at the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, Oxford

Speaking against the motion were: 

Dr Sandy Goldbeck-Wood, Clinical leader for abortion services, Cambridge University Hospitals

Dr John Dean, Deputy medical director, East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust

Download the 41st Maudsley Debate podcast

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