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29 November 2023

King's opens innovative children's simulation ward for enhanced learning

State of the art technology will provide students with a real world-like opportunities to practice and learn.

safari ward main
Opening of Safari Ward

A children’s ward has been launched in the King's Chantler Simulation and Interactive Learning Centre. This state of the art facility is designed to transform education through simulation-based learning, providing students with realistic opportunities to practice and develop their skills.

The Safari Ward is a bespoke learning environment that has been designed to cater to the specific educational needs of students. It features an array of simulation technologies, including computerized baby and child mannequins, complete with child-sized beds and incubators.

The immersive space includes an animal-themed mural, painted by artist and King's student, Ruby Morton.

What is Simulation-Based Learning?

Simulation-based learning is an educational approach that immerses students in realistic scenarios within a controlled environment. This unique method allows students to practice and refine their knowledge and skills, preparing them for what they will encounter in their future careers.

Artist and King's student, Ruby Morton, with her painted mural in Safari Ward.
Artist and King's student, Ruby Morton, with her painted mural in Safari Ward.


The King's Simulation and Interactive Learning Centre trains undergraduate students in Nursing, Midwifery, Medical, Physiotherapy, Nutrition, and Dental studies, while also offering postgraduate sessions for Nursing and Pharmacy students.

The mission of the Centre is to replicate the clinical environment as closely as possible and encourage good clinical practice and promote patient safety.

The Centre provides clinical skills and technical training, including patient assessments, diagnostic skills, cannulation, suturing, injection technique, communication skills, and human factors in healthcare. Students gain hands-on experience in a risk-free teaching environment, allowing them to improve patient safety across the NHS.

I am so pleased to see the opening of Safari Ward. This state of the art facility will provide our students with invaluable hands-on experience, further enriching their educational journey as they embark on a path towards becoming compassionate and skilled healthcare professionals.

Professor Mary Malone, Vice Dean (Education), Faculty of Nursing, Midwifery & Palliative Care

The innovative Safari Ward will help students excel in their fields, ensuring they are well-prepared to deliver the highest standard of care to their future patients.

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