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24 May 2022

ECS launches new Education & Society Dialogues event series

The School of Education, Communication & Society (ECS) has launched a new event series to contribute to public debates on education and society.

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Alongside its 2022 ECS Annual Lecture on higher education and the public good, King’s School of Education, Communication & Society is launching its new Education & Society Dialogues event series which will feature research-informed events on the big issues currently concerning the education sector and wider society, in the UK and around the world.

The series will bring together academics and university leaders, education professionals, public policy makers and regulators, and media representatives.

Reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of research and teaching at ECS, which focuses on education in its broadest sense, the series will identify and address key contemporary issues within the broad area of ‘education and society’, such as:

  • understanding and harnessing the impact of technology in education and society
  • access to education
  • inequalities and social justice
  • education for sustainability
  • governance in education and society
  • the public responsibility of and for higher education
  • universities as anchor institutions for local communities
  • science diplomacy in times of war and peace
  • science education in a new era.

The Education & Society Dialogues are designed as a new vehicle to translate into practice and give a new impetus to the School’s commitment to contribute unswervingly and impactfully to public debates, professional outreach and civic engagement in education – locally, nationally, and internationally.

Dr Liviu Matei, Head of ECS

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